How To Avoid Scars On The Body?

The scar is the result of a process of repairing the skin after an attack (break-in, burn, wound, operation, tattoo, acne, etc.).

Scarring is a natural process that takes place in three phases.

  • A debris phase during which the immune cells of the skin will eliminate debris and dead cells,
  • A budding stage during which fibroblasts proliferate and produce support proteins (collagen, elastin) necessary to maintain the strength of the tissue and finally,
  • An epidemic phase during which the epidermis cells will migrate to the edges of the wound to cover the scar.

Suppose the damage is severe and the deep layer of the skin’s dermis is affected. In that case, the repair may not be done ad integrum and therefore leave a scar.

The scar size and final appearance vary greatly and depend on the initial aggression (a type of blade, depth, etc.), the patient’s complexion, the type of skin, and the skin’s thickness. on the site concerned, but also on the subject’s nutritional status.

We are not all equal when it comes to scarring.

Young patients and patients with dark or dark skin tend to have hypertrophic scars that are more inflammatory and slower to resolve.

People with black complexions tend to have post-inflammatory pigmentation, a transient phenomenon that can last for several weeks, or a darker mark remains on the scar area.

The sunlight in the aftermath of trauma can aggravate this hyperpigmentation.

How To Avoid Scars?

In the event of an accidental wound, if it is very open and seems deep, it is recommended to consult a doctor to explore the wound for foreign bodies and discuss stitches’ realization.

The hand’s deep wounds should also be consulted to find an infringement of the tendons, vessels, and superficial nerves at that level.

In minor injury, the wound should be cleaned with water and mild soap and a bandage made after applying a copper and zinc healing cream.

A popular belief is that the sore is left to “dry” in the open air, but in reality, healing is best done in humid environments or under a bandage. Avoid tearing off the scabs and instead soften them with petroleum jelly or a healing cream.

In the event of a blistering burn, the blister must be properly pierced after applying an antiseptic. The roof of this bubble should be left in place, which will serve as a natural dressing.

It is essential to protect the healing from UV rays to avoid secondary pigmentary disorders with a sunscreen of index 50+.

Suppose the scarring is excessive, red, and inflammatory. In that case, an infection should be suspected, which may require local or general antibiotic treatment. It can also be a hypertrophic scar when the budding phase is excessive. In this case, we can apply a cortisone cream to reduce this phenomenon.

Healing, how long does it last?

It is essential to keep in mind that the scar’s final appearance requires 24 months. The color, elasticity, and size of the spot will evolve towards a less visible appearance.

After this period, if the appearance is not satisfactory, laser treatments can be considered to improve the appearance. Specific protocols under evaluation evaluate the interest in early laser treatment.

When the scar is hard and retractable, it is advisable to massage it with a cream rich in hyaluronic acid perpendicular to the scar line to break the scar fibers that are too rigid.

In all cases, time is the best ally of scars and gradually blurs the after-effects marks.


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