How To Balance Doshas To Improve Hair Growth?

Hair fall and thinning of hair is a common issue among youngsters nowadays. The age of balding has also decreased in the last decade—people as young as 22 years of age face the balding problem.

Many try different methods to reduce hair fall, and it is necessary to do the necessary before it’s too late. Once you have lost the hair in certain places, it isn’t easy to grow them back naturally.

Some people depend on Ayurveda for hair growth, and it helps a lot when it comes to growing your hair back naturally. Ayurvedic hair oil and other hair care products are available in the market, which is chemical and toxin-free.

But, what is the cause of hair thinning and hair loss? What does Ayurveda say about these changes in your body?

If you are familiar with ayurvedic principles and practices, you must know that three doshas or energies govern the body’s internal health. It also affects bodily functions. Pitta dosha is the one that controls hair growth and health.

This particular dosha consists of water and fire elements, and an excess of this dosha can increase the overall heat of your body. This overheating is the cause of several health conditions, including the frequent falling of hair or balding.

And the pitta dosha will increase when you consume an excessive amount of spicy foods, oily, greasy, sour, salty, and fried food. Excess amounts of coffee, tea, and alcohol/smoking will also trigger the increase in this dosha.

According to Ayurveda, balancing the pitta dosha is the only way to regain internal strength. It improves the condition and functioning of organs. And there is one super ingredient that balances the pitta in your body—Amalaki.

Amalaki or Amla (Emblica Officinalis/Phyllanthus Emblica), commonly known as Indian gooseberry, is a part of Triphala. Triphala is a vital ayurvedic Rasayana that helps in boosting one’s health and immunity.

It also increases/improves metabolic functions and digestion. Well, amala is an important ingredient in the Chyawanprash, which you would have seen in many households.

What are the advantages of using Amla for hair?

There are several benefits/advantages of using Amla or Indian gooseberry. That’s why Amla is an essential ingredient in Ayurveda for hair growth.

  • It helps in hair regrowth
  • It is a natural hair conditioner
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Cleanses the scalp
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Gray hair treatment
  • Strengthens your hair
  • Increases the hair thickness
  • No frizzy hair
  • Enhances hair’s natural color

How to use Amla to balance your pitta dosha?

As mentioned earlier, Amla has been an essential ingredient in dosha controlling treatments. All you require is to focus on the below-given points to prevent hair fall.

  • Select a pitta pacifying diet.
  • Cut out the bad food and lifestyle habits, especially fast food and processed food. Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol for a certain period (until treatment). You can also visit centers helping in de-addiction treatment, which is a long-term solution for hair fall.
  • Smoking is a significant cause of hair thinning and weakening. Stop it altogether or start using e-cigarettes for a while.
  • Use ingredients that balance pitta, such as Amalaki, Triphala, and neem, in your food items.
  • Meditate or work out to reduce stress levels and become mentally and physically stronger.

Following these points will help reduce the hair fall issue, and avoiding the mentioned bad lifestyle habits can work wonders in your life.

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