How To Care For Your Hair After A Bleaching Session

Many women are very experimental when it comes to their style and looks. Thus, it’s not surprising to see many of them try different hairstyles and use different hair colors for their ‘look of the season.’ Being able to switch to various hair colors and try new shades could be fun and exciting. Nowadays, there are many colors available, ranging from blonde, brown, ginger red, burgundy, blue, purple, and even the vivid shade of hot pink.

However, as exciting as bleaching your hair may sound, it can cause significant damage to your hair, especially when doing it by yourself without proper tools or methods used. Thus, it’s widely recommended that a professional hairdresser must only handle hair bleaching as they have the proper tools and they know the appropriate techniques to be done when handling this complex process.

But the great news is, you get to enjoy your newly bleached hair when you’re knowledgeable about the appropriate ways of taking care of your hair, especially after the bleaching session. With the right hair care routine, you can keep your bleached hair as healthy as possible.

Hair Care Tips After A Bleaching Session

1. Minimize Frequent Hair Washing

The first hair care tip to remember right after your bleaching session is never to wash your hair as often as you used to do. During the first two to three weeks after the bleaching session, your hair is at its weakest state and is more prone to breakage, especially when wet. Furthermore, as your hair underwent the bleaching treatment, your hair already lost plenty of its natural oils, causing its dryness. Shampooing and washing your hair frequently will only worsen its dryness.

On the other hand, frequent washing is also the fastest way to quickly fade out that color you worked to achieve by beaching. So, if you want to ensure bleached color can last for as long as you want, then minimize washing your hair. The recommended time to wash and shampoo your hair is every three to four days.

2. Utilize A Color-Preserving Shampoo

Now that you have bleached hair, it’s time to ditch those regular shampoos you used before and switch them with color-preserving shampoos. These particular shampoos are formulated with ingredients that will help prolong the effectiveness of your new hair color. Moreover, this shampoo also helps in keeping your hair bright and moisturized.

Aside from that, remember only to start shampooing two weeks after your bleaching session before you’re free to use one. Then, when you apply the shampoo, only apply it to your hair’s roots.

3. Avoid The Heat

After your bleaching session, your hair is expected to be dry and easily susceptible to heat styling damage. For this reason, avoid styling your hair using heating tools such as hair blower, curlers, straighteners, and other heating tools, as these will only worsen the dryness of your hair. If you’re dreading to style your hair with heating, wait until three to four weeks before you start doing so. Then, as much as possible, keep heat styling to a minimum, and limit yourself to twice per week max.

4. Don’t Brush Your Wet Hair

Another best way to keep your hair in good shape after the bleaching session is by simply not combing or brushing it, especially when wet. You probably know that your hair is fragile and is more prone to damage and breakage when wet. This rule doesn’t only apply to bleached hair but to all types of hair. If you want to brush your hair, let your hair air-dry first before combing or brushing them away.

5. Use Microfiber Towel

Another best way to keep your hair in good condition after bleaching is not to comb your hair, especially when your hair is wet. You probably know that your hair is fragile and is more prone to damage and breakage when wet. This rule doesn’t only apply to bleached hair but to all types of hair. If you want to comb your hair, let your hair air dry first, and then comb or comb your hair.

6. Go For A Trim

As much as possible, make time to visit your trusted hair salon and go for a trim. As you’ve recently had your hair bleached, it’s expected that your hair is dry, and the dead ends you already have before are even drier and more damaged now. So let your hair breathe a new life by having your hair trimmed at least two to three inches from the bottom after your bleaching session. Additionally, make sure you still regularly visit the salon and keep those tresses in check to avoid your bleached hair from looking dry and brittle. Remember, regular trims keep your hair robust and healthy.

Take Care Of Your Bleached Hair

Having bleached hair means you’ll need to start paying special attention to your hair care routine, maintenance, and upkeep to ensure your hair stays healthy and in the same shade for as long as possible. Let these hair care tips guide you in the proper care of bleached hair after treatment. Then, with the right bleached hair products and proper hair maintenance, you’ll have no problem keeping your colored hair healthy and beautiful.

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