Oat Flakes: How To Eat Them For Breakfast And More!

Oats can be consumed in grain but also in the form of flour, vegetable drink, bran, and oat flakes.

There was a time, not so far away when oats were mainly used as feed. Today, however, it has once again become a widespread cereal in human consumption, and we can only be enthusiastic about it.

This is because it helps to make our diet varied, has important properties from which we can benefit for our health, and is very versatile in the kitchen.

In this article, we will focus mainly on how to eat oat flakes for breakfast, but not only.

Why Are Oat Flakes Good For You?

Oats ( Avena sativa ) is a cereal belonging to the Gramineae or Poaceae family, which comes in grains, which can be cooked and eaten as we do for rice. On the other hand, the grains are roasted, steamed, and pressed into rollers that flatten them; oat flakes are obtained.

There are many reasons to eat oat flakes. I love them because after eating them for breakfast, I feel full and don’t get hungry for the mid-morning snack.

This increase in the sense of satiety is because, as we have already discussed in the articles: benefits and recipes of an ancient cereal, oat flakes are also made up of slow digesting carbohydrates, which are assimilated slowly from the body and allow you to have constant energy throughout the day and not only in the period immediately following meals.

Oat flakes are also friends of our intestines, as they favor intestinal transit thanks to the presence of beta-glucan. It is a soluble fiber not digested in the intestine but tends to hydrate itself and increase volume, causing distension of the stomach.

Several benefits are also related to improving the immune system’s defenses and reducing total and LDL cholesterol levels.

Which Rolled Oats To Choose?

There are oat flakes of different sizes; the smaller (or less thick) they are, the faster they rehydrate and lend themselves to other preparations.

Can celiacs eat oatmeal for breakfast? Oats are a cereal that contains a meager amount of gluten. However, it can be subject to frequent contamination with other grains. For this reason, for oats and oat flakes to be consumed by celiacs, they must carry the claim “gluten-free” on the label.

Our gluten-free oat flakes:

Can You Eat Raw Oatmeal?

You can eat them as you find them in the package. However, to my taste, they are much tastier when softened, cooked, or toasted. In this way, moreover, they are even more digestible.

How to soften oat flakes? You can soften them by soaking them in water, milk, or a vegetable drink. Another way to quiet them is to mix them with yogurt, letting them rest for a few hours in the fridge.

How To Consume Oat Flakes For Breakfast?

Probably the first oatmeal breakfast recipe that comes to mind is porridge. But if you don’t know this dish yet, it is an oatmeal soup that the more it is cooked, the creamier it becomes. This is because oat flakes dissolve in water, milk, or vegetable drink, representing the liquid part of this soup.

How many grams of oatmeal for breakfast? Assuming that the quantities depend on our nutritional needs, but if we want to “give the numbers,”

Based on what is indicated in the latter, the standard portion of breakfast cereals is 30 grams.

There is also a type of no-cook porridge, namely overnight oats. In this case, the oat flakes are not cooked but left to soften in milk, vegetable drink, or yogurt overnight in the refrigerator. The following day our overnight porridge will be ready to be enjoyed; fill it however you like.

Another straightforward way to consume this food is oatmeal cookies. To join our flakes, there are bananas and dried fruit cream;.

Oat flakes can also be eaten in the form of granola for breakfast. A crunchy mix can be purchased ready-made or made at home. In the latter case, the oat flakes are mixed with puffed cereals, dried and dried fruit, and then added as a “glue,” alternatively, honey, oil, fruit puree, jam, or maple syrup.

Other Ideas For Eating Oat Flakes

Oat flakes can be reduced to flour by simply blending them in a mixer. This way, they can be used to prepare muffins, plum cakes, cakes, and even pancakes.

Furthermore, they are so versatile that, as well as for breakfast or snacks, you can also use them in savory recipes. For example, to cook salty porridge, season soups, or create crunchy bread. Also very good for preparing a meal and lupine mini burgers and oatmeal and vegetable soup. By leaving a comment on this article, let us know what other recipe you would like us to make for you with oat flakes!

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