How To File Nails According To The Shape Of The Fingers

Surely you spend many hours taking care of yourself to look healthy. For example, for the face, you use products that adapt to your skin type, while for the hair, you use items that promote strong growth and add shine.

You do it because you like to pamper yourself and be noticed by others. In this line, the care of the hands and nails is also very important since we often neglect this part of the body.

You may have seen a person with a youthful appearance on occasion, but their hands reflect the opposite: wrinkles, a scruffy manicure, or bad nails.

And, if you spend a lot of time taking care of your face and body, why not do the same with your hands?

In this article, we will give you some notions to know how to file nails according to the shape of the fingers and the hand. In addition, we will explain what products you can use if you suffer from any pathology, such as weak or brittle nails.

It would help if you also remembered that not all polishes produce the same effect, so it is essential to learn how to paint your nails and what colors are the most appropriate.

Grab a pencil and paper; let’s get started!

You have probably tried filing your nails at home, and the result has not been what you expected. Getting a manicure similar to the one you can get in a beauty salon is difficult since professionals have studied and work with their hands every day.

However, if you know your hands, you can choose the shape and color that suit you best.

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The shape of nails, a fashion that changes over the years

As with clothing or haircuts, there are also trends that come and go in the world of nails.

Some years ago, what was worn were round nails with a pointed tip. But, over time, fashion was changing, and square-shaped nails became a place in beauty centers.

Surely if you think about this type of filing, the French manicure comes to mind since it is a binomial that combines perfectly.

Currently, the trend is for nails of intermediate shape; they resemble the square shape but with rounded edges, more oval, without being round.

This is the current fashion, but it is clear that, depending on the type of nail, the pathologies it suffers, and the shape of the hand, one file will be more appropriate than another.

The hand, a decisive element for filing nails

The hand plays a very important role when choosing which shape to give the nail.

Thus, thick hands demand longer nails so that the finger is visually lengthened and the whole is stylized. The most suitable shape is oval, as it also contributes to creating a visual effect that refines the hand.

In the same way, the color of the lacquer and how to paint nails also influence. For example, a striking polish on a long nail does not change the style, quite the opposite. If you want to apply a colorful lacquer, the best option is to opt for a more natural nail.

Now, hands with finer features can afford both the square and the oval shape, as both are flattering and give a hand an elegant image.

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The feet also ask for a certain shape

If before we commented that the care of the hands is neglected on many occasions, with the feet, it is even worse.

They are the great forgotten of the body, without considering that their attention and style are also important in the set.

Normally, the toenails should be filed with a square shape, always keeping in mind that the sides must be left with a round shape.

On the other hand, they can be glazed correctly; it is advisable to leave them short, but not excessively.

Take into account pathologies

There are different pathologies that professionals take into account before performing a manicure or pedicure.

At weak nails should be given a round shape because, in this way, it is harder to break. In addition, they should remain short. One of the recommendations for this pathology is to do a manicure every week to strengthen the nail.

As for very arched nails or spooned nails, it is also important to give them around and short shape, while ingrown nails need very rounded edges.

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Nail bases and treatments

But the different types of nails and the pathologies that they can suffer require a certain filing and a series of bases and specific treatments that will help them remain strong and healthy for longer.

There are numerous products specially designed to treat these cases, which can range from nails with stretch marks to the most brittle, through weak, dehydrated, uneven, etc.

They do not contain harmful components such as formaldehyde, DBP, or camphor but are composed of active principles that provide and ensure natural and healthy nails.

Weak nails

For this type of case, specific products such as nutrient oil have been formulated to restore the strength of nails that tend to dry out, break, or flake.

Its nourishing and emollient action is effective on this type of nail since it has active principles such as natural aldehydes, which contribute to the hardening of keratin, vitamin E, and myrrh essence.

It is enough to administer on the nail and perform a massage to facilitate absorption and stimulate growth. Daily use is recommended, in addition to considering some indications such as washing and drying your hands well in case you want to apply nail polish.

A calcium base stimulates growth along the same lines, ideal for brittle and dry nails that need reinforcement.

Its formulation with calcium pantothenate makes its restorative effect possible—a visible effect from the first application when the layer is applied to clean, polish-free nails. However, if you need a greater effect, it is advisable to use two layers of product.

Brittle nails

In this case, a vitamin base may be the solution since it contains a mixture of vitamins, such as vitamins A, E, B5, and C, which help maintain young nails and restore their flexibility.

This type of product can be administered before enameling, protecting the nail from dehydration and also helping to maintain the color of the lacquer for longer. Once the color has been applied, you can also deposit two layers on the clean and dry nail.

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Dehydrated nails

Dry nails, as expected, have a hydrating base, a solution for dry nails that contains proteins that nourish and promote growth.

As in other cases, it is a product that can be used both before and after enameling.

Before enamel, it protects the nail from dehydration, which is very necessary in these cases and helps maintain the nail lacquer color for longer. Subsequently, hydrate the nail by applying two coats on a clean and dry surface.

Uneven nails

One of the most common pathologies is the one that causes unevenness in the surface of the nails, although it can always be corrected or hidden thanks to the help of certain products.

In this case, the most recommended is the uneven repair, a product that repairs nail imperfections and smoothes their surface.

For best results, apply one or two coats to the nails, depending on the depth of the stretch marks they present.

Basic forms of nail filing

Round nails

The vast majority of people file their nails round; it lets the nails grow naturally and files the edges, giving them a rounded shape. In addition, they are very practical since they break less, and it takes a lot to get hooked.

Oval nails

It is about letting the nail grow longer and filing the edges, giving it a more elongated shape. This form of nails is much more elegant, and longer nails are needed than the previous ones.

Almond nails

Similar to the previous ones, but in this case, it is refined more at the tip, making it look like an almond. They are more difficult to maintain and are not the most advisable if you have to work with your hands.

Stiletto nails

They are the ones that are recommended for people who want to wear long and showy nails. The secret is to file the sides first and give them a more pointed shape from the center to the tip. It greatly favors those hands with thicker fingers or those with very wide hands, as it visually lengthens the fingers. Now, if you have to work with your hands, this is not the nail shape you will be more comfortable with.

Square nails

The secret to getting these nails is simply filing straight. Easy right? We give you the advice that you file the corners not to break and thus last longer and do not get caught on anything.

Still don’t know how to file your nails? Try a different shape every month and decide for yourself which one suits your hands best and which is the most comfortable for you.

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