How To Improve Your Diet And Lose Weight With Health?

It seems like a difficult task, but discover ways to make new and good choices that make a difference to lose weight with health.

This is almost unanimous among health professionals: there is no rule, a perfect, equal and adequate diet. Therefore, we are individuals and unique, with different needs, tastes, routines, and goals. A healthy diet balances what gives pleasure and what is necessary for the body; it is to make good choices. Eating nourishes the body, but it’s also a pleasure! It is possible to improve food without excesses and restrictive diets and lose weight with health.

But as much as there is no “cake recipe”, there are some tips that serve different situations and can help a lot who want to eat well and lose weight.

Tips To Improve Your Diet And Lose Weight

Nutritionist Juliana Guerrero gives some tips:

  • Don’t make considerable dietary restrictions. Usually, this can lead you to overeat ;
  • You can eat everything, as long as you make good choices daily;
  • Increase the consumption of natural, fresh and minimally processed foods. Reduce your consumption of processed and ultra-processed foods: many of these products are high in sugar, fat, salt and many chemical additives.

Can Intermittent Fasting Be A Good Weight Loss Strategy?

Do you know about the intermittent fasting diet? It is a food strategy where individuals intersperse periods of fasting with periods of eating normally, as needed.

There are several strategies: 12 hours, 18 hours, 24 hours, and can be performed once, twice or three times a week. The protocol chosen varies for each individual and goal. Liquids without calories are released during the fasting period, such as water, teas, coffee and lemon juice without sugar and sweetener, as these foods do not “break” the fast.

But does intermittent fasting make you lose weight? In the words of nutritionist Juliana: “Yes, it can be a strategy used for weight loss, as it leads to caloric restriction, which leads to weight loss, biologically speaking”,” puts the nutritionist.

“It is also believed that fasting can bring benefits about cell renewal, greater fat burning, improvement of metabolic parameters, such as reduced blood glucose, mental health and longevity. But this diet must be accompanied by a trained professional. There is still very little evidence about its real benefits and harms, so there is little care”, he concludes.

Food is part of our life; we need to have life. So wouldn’t it be better to learn to eat than to spend periods depriving ourselves of precisely what allows us to live? Reflection remains…

Thermogenics: Foods That Lose Weight?

Thermogenic foods, which can increase energy expenditure during the digestion process, increase consumption in weight loss diets.

But the simple ingestion of foods such as pepper, cinnamon, and green tea, among others, enhances but does not guarantee the weight loss process alone.

There are two types of thermogenic foods, natural and industrialized. Wilds are found in nature, and the industrialized ones have the active thermogenic principle concentrated in capsules. These foods potentiate thermogenesis, in which the nervous system regulates and transforms glucose and fat into energy.

Thermogenic foods accelerate metabolism, thus increasing caloric expenditure in processes that naturally burn fat. Therefore, they should be consumed within a balanced diet, combined with physical activity.

After the 40th birthday, many wonder why they can lose weight as quickly as before, why it’s so challenging to maintain a calorie-restricted diet, why their hips have gotten more extensive, and why their belly is different and more swollen. The inquiries don’t stop. The good news is that, despite the intense physical changes that occur after this age, there are ways to overcome the discomfort that comes with them.

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