How To Lose Weight If You’re On Vacation?

If you’re on vacation and want to lose weight, there are a few helpful tips to consider. First, consider your dietary habits — on vacation, we tend to eat more, and we also use that as an excuse for not exercising (we’ll talk about that later). For example: if you usually eat pasta with marinara sauce on the side, switch up your carbohydrate/protein ratio by trying spaghetti squash or quinoa spaghetti with light alfredo sauce. Also, try transitioning from sugar-filled drinks like soda or fruit juices to unsweetened tea or water. Drink lots of water throughout the day for optimal hydration. It is also important to remember that dieting is not about deprivation – but moderation.

How to continue working out?

The first question you may ask is, “How can I continue working out while on vacation? ” You can still exercise — and you don’t have to join a gym. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Pack your running shoes and workout clothes. When you’re ready to go for a run, check Google Maps for the route with the minor traffic. Enjoy the scenery as you work those muscles!
  2. Next, if you want to exercise indoors, do some light yoga at your hotel, or simply break out those resistance bands and do some light stretching.
  3. If you want to pamper yourself, go to a spa and try different types of massage techniques that will help relax your stressed body and relieve any remaining tension.
  4. There are many great fitness videos online, or you can pick up a few DVDs. Check out “The Firm” workout for men. Or, if you need a little more pampering, try the gentle yoga video by Lizz Winstead.
  5. Lastly, make time to “get in your ZEN.” The same advice that works for weight loss will work for relaxation techniques. Try meditation to calm yourself down when you’re feeling stressed during vacation. It may also help you to deal with jet lag.

How can I maintain my weight loss while on vacation?

The goal is to keep the weight loss that you’ve achieved. The body has a way of telling you everything you need to know about what it wants for itself.

Suppose you continue to eat the same foods and increase your exercise. In that case, your body will tell you what it needs: it will notify you when to eat and when to exercise and how much and how often and so on — but all in a language we can understand because we speak our language called “weight loss.” This is not an excuse for weight gain, just explaining why your body is giving you feedback. If you are in a stable weight loss state, your body will continue sending you reminders every day. If so, simply listen.

The next tip is to identify your weak links. If your daily exercise routine isn’t sustainable, the first thing to do is start there. You can try new ways of exercising such as:

  • Biking: This is a great way to get some fresh air and blood pumping around the city! Get new bikes and check out how many calories you can burn if you alternate between biking and walking breaks and stop at each of the places on the route that interest you: coffee shops, parks, music stores, or just look up at interesting buildings (this counts as cardio). You can rent bikes, or you can check for bike shops in the area that rent them.
  • Running: If you like to run, make sure you plan out your route in advance. It is essential to be safe when running alone in a new area. You may also want to incorporate resistance training into your running twice per week (for example: lifting weights or doing bodyweight squats). See if there is an indoor gym near your hotel that has group classes available.
  • Swimming: This is one of my favorite ways to exercise! There are so many benefits to swimming, including muscle toning and cardiovascular training with improved endurance. If you are new to exercising, you can always try your first swim at a pool on vacation.
  • Hiking: If you plan, hiking while on vacation is one of the most fun ways to exercise! You can walk in some beautiful places while enjoying great weather and all the incredible scenery.

Is it worth using food delivery services?

I’ve heard of some people who have food delivered to their hotel while on vacation. This is one of the most dangerous things you can do for weight loss because of the temptation factor. If you are tempted, don’t do it! Remember that the goal is not to lose weight but to maintain your weight loss by listening to your body through what it wants for itself.

The last thing you want to do is gain all the weight back and then some because of a lack of self-control and discipline.

Nevertheless, some food delivery websites, like Dinnerly, have many positive feedbacks from experts and users who have been on vacation and have successfully maintained their weight loss.

If you have a favorite food delivery service, try them for a week. This can offer some great insights into maintaining your weight on vacation if you seek even more encouragement.


It’s always best to be prepared for your vacation. While you are on vacation, listening to what your body is telling you about how it wants to feel is essential. This includes understanding why the weight loss isn’t working for you and what you can do to combat that.

If you are trying to lose weight, then continue exercising as usual during your vacation. Many ways work well for weight loss, but remember that they all take time! It can be hard at first because of the temptation levels, but it will be so worth it if you have the right tools with you!

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