How To Overcome An Addiction Problem In 10 Easy Steps

So, you want to overcome addiction, right?

Before you start reading this article, how about you give yourself a pat on your back! If you are already looking through sources and trying to find a way, congratulations! You have already started the journey.

All that is left is to overcome it!

This path of recovery can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. You just have to stay determined and keep going in order to fight this toxic cycle of addiction.

Signs You Are Getting Addicted

These are some of the clear-cut signs that you are getting addicted to a substance, and it is no more for recreation.

You Crave For It

Whenever we consume something for the first time, we do not immediately get the craving. However, if you find yourself craving something, this is the first sign of catching an addiction.

You only crave substances that are permanent in your life. This is a tell-tale sign of your body being accustomed to the substance and asking for it.

You Always Have Them Stashed

Have you stacked them in your home? For example, a bottle of wine or some crushed marijuana. This is a sign that you cannot live without it, and you need a constant supply whenever you are craving.

If this happens, you need to take the first step and enroll in a detox center.

You Get Irritated Without It

Are you finding yourself irritated when you are not able to consume these substances? Are you isolating yourself from other people who encourage you to stay away from such substances?

If your caring for these substances surpasses your closed ones, then it is definitely a matter of concern.

It Is Your Go-To When In Stress

Where do you find yourself at the end of a bad day? Do you find yourself reading a book and having a relaxing time, or do you find yourself going for your stash? This is known as dependency.

A clear sign of addiction.

You Can’t Seem To Give Up

Let’s say you are no longer in denial of these urges, and you want to stop. Are you able to with ease?

Or, are you having difficulties? Is your body reacting in an odd way? Then you need some help. Don’t be afraid to take some professional help when you are in need.

How To Overcome Addiction

We have talked to former addiction patients and gathered some of the best-known formulas for overcoming addiction.

1. Stop The Denial Game

This is the deadliest and, unfortunately, the most common reason why recovery starts so late for every addiction patient. So, stop being in denial and stop making excuses for your overconsumption.

Take a good look at your health; do you find it depleting? Then you should accept that there is a problem and get the proper help.

2. Gather Knowledge About The Addiction

Once you have accepted the addiction, now the journey to sobriety begins in order to understand the addiction and how far gone you are, gather as much knowledge as you can.

Talk to professionals or other survivors of addiction if needed.

3. Talk To A Closed One

When your mind and body are dependent on an addictive substance, you are already getting into the habit of taking them every day. As a result, your mental health could be weak, and you won’t be able to do everything on your own.

You need to talk to someone, and it is best to start a closed one. It could be your parents or a close friend who will listen to your problems without judgment. Then, they will guide you to take the next step.

4. Talk To A Professional

Let’s say you are not comfortable talking to a friend; you can always talk to a professional. Over here, you will have no fear of judgment or misunderstanding since no one understands you better than them.

Talk to a therapist to understand the depth of your problem and what you should do to overcome them.

5. Reflect Upon Your Triggers

When you talk to a professional, they will help you identify certain triggers that are increasing your craving.

For example, a certain environment, friend group, or person.

Your job is to reflect thoroughly upon these triggers, which can help you get all the important details of these triggers. Plus, do your level best to stay away from them.

6. Get Into Medical Detoxification

If your addiction level seems to be on the higher side, your body needs some cleansing. First, the toxic materials have to be extracted out from your blood and detox your system.

Only a medical detox can help you achieve these results, and thus you should enroll yourself into one. Do not worry; the medicines are well prescribed and given under the doctor’s supervision.

7. Stop Stashing

Throw away that last bottle of wine or those fast food coupons you have been hoarding. Stashing the item of addiction is becoming your worst enemy.

You need to take these and throw them away, and start new. No more supply, no more craving.

8. Read & Watch Motivational Stories

Nothing motivates you more than the struggle and the successes of other people. This will make you believe in a positive life after recovery.

Read books on recovery or watch videos to keep yourself determined and going.

9. Get Family Therapy

When you are recovering, your family environment needs to be safe. Now addiction might be a new field to your family members.

Thus, you can start family therapy where the therapist explains the different ways in which your family can help.

If you know a female companion or a family member who is struggling with recovery, please do refer them into your nearest womens recovery center.

10. To End It- Get Into Rehabilitation

There could be nothing better than getting into an in-patient rehabilitation facility. There is 24/7 care and support who can help you through the withdrawal symptoms and post-recovery.

You can have constant support and professional help away from any toxic environment. What could be better than that!

Happy Recovery!

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