How To Prevent And Treat Diabetes With 10 Natural Remedies

Scientific research multiplies in the same direction: a good diet prevents and fights the disease. And avoid drugs. Rosemary can also be important. At least two and a half hours of physical activity per week.

Natural Remedies For Diabetes

Not only prevent but even cure: this is the news. Faced with a disease, Diabetes, which is very complex and with medium and long-term effects that are truly devastating, the new therapies are exploring, with truly surprising results, the path of natural remedies, those that are already precious in the prevention phase. . In other words, lifestyles inspired by our Do not waste philosophy:

  • A healthy and natural diet, branded with the Mediterranean cuisine brand.
  • No smoke and spirits
  • Physical activity with the necessary constancy and without particular obsessions

Natural Remedies Against Diabetes

The latest scientific research, in particular the Creso study, conducted by the Mario Negri Institute and published in Diabetes online, definitively demonstrates an essential thing: reducing the entry of calories into the body by 25 percent, compared to the standard diet, is possible to correct the excess functioning of the kidneys, typical of patients with diabetes 2 (widespread in mature age and also linked to overweight which negatively affects blood sugar). In practice, in one go, and with a single natural remedy, it is possible to improve the functionality of the kidney, avoiding suffering and dialysis. Professor Giuseppe Remuzzi, the author of the study with Piero Ruggenenti and Luigi Fontana, warns: “The research shows that the diet, alone and without the need for drugs, can correct a very relevant clinical datum, such as poor kidney function, and therefore to heal.

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How To Prevent Diabetes In A Natural Way

But let’s see in detail what are the best natural remedies, starting from the diet, which helps to treat and prevent Diabetes (in fact, a deficiency of insulin in the blood with abnormal glucose values), a disease that in Italy affects four millions of people, of whom about one million do not yet know they are sick. A condition, let us remember, that once it arrives, does not come back, with a deadly domino effect on our organism: a series of organs and tissues are affected and suffer.

  • The Mediterranean Diet: There is nothing to add to a menu we should all have carved into our heads: spaghetti, fish, salad, extra virgin olive oil (Italian and not Tunisian or Greek). The only precaution for those at risk who want to prevent Diabetes is to be careful with carbohydrates and lower them by up to 50 percent. The Mediterranean diet’s therapeutic power also allows this natural remedy to repair the blood vessels damaged by Diabetes.
  • Space For Dried Fruit: For example, almonds are the real queens of this category. Among other things, they lower cholesterol, are rich in mineral salts and calcium and improve bone health. Another scientific study on Diabetes, signed by Katherine Esposito from the Diabetes Center of the Second University of Naples: thanks to a reasonable consumption of proteins contained in abundance in legumes, and dried fruit, it is possible to delay at least a couple of years the use of the first drug to combat the deadly Diabetes.
  • Consumption Of Fresh Fruit: The consumption of fresh fruit is significant within the therapy to cure and the prevention to avoid Diabetes; the consumption of fresh fruit is substantial. The frequency? At least two to three times a day, starting with breakfast.
  • Rosemary Also Has Its Importance: For a simple reason: it keeps blood sugar fluctuations under control. A strategic function can be cashed in using rosemary more frequently in the kitchen.
  • Alcoholic Drinks With The Utmost Moderation: This essential remedy includes avoiding sugary beverages, not smoking, and reducing salt in all dishes. All this not only to lose weight but also to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and thus reduce inflammation.
  • Beware Of High Triglycerides: In this case, and with low “good” cholesterol, the chances of getting diabetes increase exponentially. As in the case of women who have had Diabetes during childbirth.
  • Exercise: The minimum level is 150 minutes per week, with moderate activity. If you go and look closely, you realize that it is two and a half hours, a truly accessible time for all to do physical activity and exercise. It would be enough to walk more and climb the stairs on foot: simple gestures that we often suggest.
  • Drink Chamomile Tea: Not only if you have problems with insomnia, thus avoiding wasting money on drugs that you then become addicted to, but also because it helps regulate your blood sugar level.
  • The Suitable Oils For Diabetes: There are essentially two: eucalyptus essential oil and geranium oil.
  • The Genetic Factor: It is a critical component of diabetes risk. For example, those who have diabetic family members are certainly very exposed and must measure their blood sugar once a year. Those with no risk factors and regular blood sugar can have this check after age 45 and only every three to four years.

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