How To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus?

Undoubtedly the most important issue of the moment, the virus technically called Covid-19 has become a serious threat to the world, forcing many countries to decree the state of alarm and force their citizens to remain locked up in their homes for long periods of time. weeks. Regarding this virus, comment that although it may closely resemble how to avoid getting the coronavirus that of influenza, its danger lies in the fact that it is highly contagious, affecting to a greater extent people of advanced age and individuals with previous pathologies.

Having said this, and seeing that today it is a problem that affects and worries a large number of people, in this new article in the magazine Buena Salud we bring you a series of tips and guidelines to follow to protect yourself from this highly infectious disease. , as well as, knowing the main most characteristic symptoms of the coronavirus.

What Are The Symptoms Of Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Given the possibility of having contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus, the first thing of all is to stay calm, avoid contact with other people, as well as not go outside. Once the characteristic symptoms of this pathology have been identified, which we will detail below, the correct thing, as indicated by the health authorities, is to call the telephone numbers provided and wait for the medical personnel to come personally to our home to corroborate if we actually have the disease and how to proceed.

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 disease are as follows:

  • General tiredness
  • Sore throat
  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing

On isolated occasions the following symptoms may also be experienced:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Rhinorrhea

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Tips To Protect Yourself From The Covid-19 Coronavirus

Being cautious, being informed about the current situation of the disease, or paying attention to the recommendations issued by the health authorities and the state security forces are some of the main guidelines that we must follow to avoid becoming infected with this pathogen at all costs. As for others, carrying them out is so simple that we can do it ourselves without any problem and without even leaving the house. As we have previously said, following them is very important, since numerous fatalities have already claimed this terrible pandemic around the world.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Washing your hands thoroughly with an alcohol or soap disinfectant whenever we go out on the street or touch a certain object is very useful to prevent this virus from entering our body. Numerous studies have shown that carrying out this practice repeatedly throughout the day or whenever we think that these may be “contaminated” is one of the most useful procedures to avoid it.

Maintain A Distance Of One And A Half Meters Between People

Maintaining this safety distance between people is the best barrier to avoid getting infected. It is known that when someone coughs or sneezes the virus particles do not reach more than a meter away, thus preventing us from breathing them and, therefore, conditioning for the spread or eradication of the epidemic.

Avoid Touching Your Nose, Eyes, And Mouth With Your Hands

In turn, avoiding repeatedly touching the nose, eyes, mouth, and in general, the entire face, with the hands also prevents us from ending up infected with the coronavirus. We must not forget that throughout the day the hands touch many surfaces or objects so they may contain virus particles that we would later end up taking to the previously indicated areas, finally introducing the virus into our body.

Stay Home Until Directed By The Authorities

Many countries have carried it out or are currently doing it and it has been shown to be an effective measure to reduce the so-called contagion curve. By reducing the chances of contact on the street, we are thereby reducing the chance that the Covid-19 will infect us. This measure, although severe, must be followed until the pertinent authorities say otherwise if we do not do so, we risk being penalized.


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