How To Safely Treat Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction can destroy the life of a person, yet, many of us continue to abuse alcohol for years. If you have decided to quit alcohol, then you have taken the right step towards a healthy life. But, quitting a long-term alcohol addiction is not as simple as it looks. Just like the other drug abuse, alcohol withdrawal symptoms may occur after you quit the alcohol. If these symptoms are not handled properly, they can become life-threatening. Thus, if you have decided to quit alcohol, you must consider Alcohol Detox in Austin, Tx to overcome the problem without having a major side effect on your physical and mental health.

Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms

The most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Sweating.
  • High heart rate.
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping.
  • Poor appetite.
  • Vomiting or nausea.
  • Poor decision-making.
  • Restlessness.
  • High sensitivity to sound, touch, and light.

Severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol addiction can impact the physical and psychological health of a person and can put them in substantial danger. Some of the severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Delusional thinking.
  • Vivid Hallucination.
  • Seizures.
  • Extreme tremors.
  • Confusion and discomfort.

Severity factors of alcohol withdrawal symptom

The severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can depend from person to person. This is why the addiction experts at Alcohol Rehab Center assess the multiple factors to gain Insight. Some of the most common factors are:

  • For how long the person has been addicted to alcohol.
  • Quantity of alcohol.
  • Addiction history.
  • Age.
  • Pre-existing physical and mental issues.
  • Frequent drinking habits.

How alcohol withdrawal is treated?

Professionals at the Detox center are focused on creating a comfortable, stable, and safe environment where the person can process their withdrawal symptoms and overcome them. Depending upon the current physical and mental state of a person, the detoxification process may take monitoring and observation, or require intense medical intimation to avoid life-threatening consequences.

In the Detox center, alcohol withdrawal symptom is categorized into three main segments:


The first step is to evaluate, and accurate assessment is important to come up with the right treatment plan to help a person. The medical staff will screen for the co-occurring physical and mental conditions, observe the symptoms, check the medical background, and then come with a treatment plan to help a person to overcome the withdrawal.


In the second stage, the medical professionals will assist with acute withdrawal symptoms in different settings. Here, the target is to achieve medical stability, add comfort and reduce stress. In some conditions, the professional can also suggest prescribed medications to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the medications used to manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Sedating medications like barbiturates or benzodiazepines.
  • Antipsychotic medications like haloperidol.
  • Blood pressure medications like Clonidine.


Once the detoxification process is completed, the aftercare treatment begins. To make sure that person stays sober for life, it is important to connect them to the next stage of continuous care. Different treatment programs are available depending upon the requirement of a person.

Can you prevent alcohol withdrawal?

Although you may look for easy and quick detoxification without any discomfort or distress, there is no proven method to prevent withdrawal. The only way to overcome withdrawal symptoms is to avoid alcohol abuse and get professional advice from Medical experts. Lack of control over alcohol is the most common symptom that you are addicted to alcohol. The mental and physical dependence upon alcohol is what encourages people to drink more and more alcohol in less time. Thus, if you feel like you are addicted to alcohol and you want to overcome the problem, go for the detoxification treatment. In the detoxification center, you will get a safe and comfortable environment for sober living in Austin, Tx. Also, you will be under medical supervision, so if anything goes wrong, the medical staff is there to help you out.

Professional detox is the first and most important step to overcome your withdrawal and avoid alcohol dependency. So, if you desire to live a happy, healthy, and alcohol-free life, find the best Detox center nearby you and get yourself enrolled in a detoxification treatment plan now.

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