How To Store Wine In The Summer

In the warm seasons, it becomes indispensable not to lose its properties and not waste. From the most traditional to the most modern methods, here are some tips on preserving it best.

Horizontal position, without light, with a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees and a humidity level between 60 and 70 percent. Then there is the refrigerator, especially for white wine. Summer wine becomes particularly fragile and must be stored well. Even using ancient methods, such as extra virgin olive oil, grapes and trying not to waste, but to recover, what tastes like a cork. Here are some tips on how to store wine in the summer.

How To Store Summer Wine

In summer, especially if the bottles have been opened, the wine must be kept in the refrigerator, whether white or red. But despite this, some traditional remedies and precautions can avoid wasting wine. So you don’t have to throw it away even in the worst cases, as long as it’s still drinkable.

Red Wine

As for red wine, the rule wants it to be kept out of the refrigerator at a temperature between 14 and 20 degrees. This can vary depending on whether the wine is young or aged. When a bottle is still closed, the game is quite simple. It is stored in the dark, in an oblique position, with a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees.

But once opened, what to do?

The greatest connoisseurs of wine strongly recommend placing the open bottle in the refrigerator. And to prevent the flavor from fading, consume it within a few days. However, stored in the refrigerator with a cap can last even longer. Reducing the chance of it getting lost.

White Wine

Same fate for white wine, which is not only already stored and served at low temperatures. But it cannot be stored in any other way than in the refrigerator to withstand high temperatures. Furthermore, as recommended by some sommeliers, to let the oxidation effect degrade the wine quickly, it is possible to pour the contents of the bottle into a smaller container to reduce the space it can take up from the air.

How To Store Wine Bottles At Home

If we do not have a cellar or a place suitable for storing wines at home, do not worry, there are solutions for all purposes. Generally, wine should be kept in places where there is no light. The bottles, as already mentioned, must remain in an oblique position and keep them cool; they must be placed at the bottom and in the more relaxed rooms of the house. The lower they are placed, the greater the possibility of preserving the wine in a hoped-for way.

How To Have Fresh Wine Without A Refrigerator

There is an ancient remedy to keep the wine fresh, without using the refrigerator, but simply with white grapes.

Required material:

  • Two white grapes


  • If you want white wine but don’t have time to put it in the refrigerator, put two white grapes in the glass, which will have a refreshing effect.

How To Store Summer Wine With Extra Virgin Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is also precious for preserving wine and not turning it into vinegar.

Required material:

  • A drop of extra virgin olive oil


  • Before corking the wine, you have not consumed, pour a drop of extra virgin olive oil.
  • When you pour it again, you must remove the oil, and a piece of kitchen paper stuck in the bottle will absorb it completely.
  • Now you can enjoy your wine in all its fragrance.

What To Use To Keep The Wine?

To maintain the flavor and fragrance of the wine, it is possible to use particular tools designed to restore the organoleptic balance of the wine after opening. But what does it mean?

In practice, when we go to open a bottle of wine, oxygen and other foreign agents take the place of what was previously a fortress for the distillate. Doing so creates unfavorable conditions in the bottle for conserving the liquid, which would be lost in a few days.

On the contrary, using appropriate tools can prevent this from happening, especially if you do not want to give up quality wines. The methods are different, but how effectively to store wine in the summer? Many use a pump. This injects Argon, a gas, into the bottle to restore optimal conditions to resist longer. Always in the refrigerator.

In any case, to avoid drinking cold red wine, it is advisable to take out the wine a quarter of an hour before going to the table. The result will not be the same, but it is still a valid alternative in the sultry summer seasons.

What Happens If The Wine Stays Hot?

When a bottle of wine is subjected to a temperature that exceeds 25-27 degrees, which is a constant in summer, even at night, it can trigger processes that can alter the properties of the wine. But also affect the suchero cap, favoring the oxidation of the liquid and affecting its duration.

How To Recover Wine That Tastes Like A Cap

Required material:

  • A spoonful of olive oil


If the wine has taken on the flavor of the cork with which it was corked, pour a spoonful of olive oil into the bottle, shake and let it rest for a couple of hours, then remove the oil with a cotton pad and pour the wine in a clean bottle.

How To Have Wine Ready To Cook

When we want a risotto or some dish that requires white or red wine, we realize too late that there is not a drop of wine in the house. Always have a supply of cooking wine ready; when you have some table wine left over, do not throw it away but pour it into the container of ice cubes.

This way, you will not waste the wine and reuse it when needed. Remember one thing: never use cheap wine for cooking, because even your dishes will suffer. Always rely on quality wines, even if it has to evaporate. If you have lousy wine, throw it away! It would spoil the whole dish and, for some recipes, you prefer vinegar.

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