How To Style Dark Colors In The Summer

Whether it’s the warm temperatures, sunny days by the pool or later sunsets, everyone has their favorite part of the summer season. The same is true when it comes to summer style, with popular summer staples ranging from white summer dresses and light wash denim cutoffs to skirts and rompers laden with bright prints and designs.

While these pieces are so much fun to wear and truly embody the spirit of summertime, it would be unrealistic to rule out every dark colored piece of clothing from June to September. It would also be unrealistic to claim that wearing outfits with dark colors in the summer is always easy and breezy! If you’re looking for summer outfit inspiration of the darker variety or wondering how to style dark, year-round pieces with your favorite summer styles, here’s your guide.

Choosing Summer-Friendly Dark Clothing

The key to nailing a summer outfit with dark colors is to find a good sense of balance. This applies to specific materials, clothing styles and color. Remember that there’s no rule against wearing dark colors in the summer, but dark clothing might be harder to find amongst white and other popular summer colors. You can absolutely utilize year-round closet staples like cute tank tops, t-shirts and other layering pieces in dark colors as well as lightweight and breathable items from your fall wardrobe. When pulling fall or winter pieces for summer wear, stick to materials like cotton, polyester and synthetic blends.

It’s also important to choose a few dark colored pieces that pair well with your lighter summer clothing. For example, a printed maxi skirt in a black and white print is perfect for fall with boots and a sweater or in the summer with sandals and a crop top! Mix and match dark sleeveless tops and lightweight pants with classic summer whites and warm weather accessories.

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The Best Summer Outfits with Dark Colors

Once your closet is filled with your perfect mix of summer clothing, wardrobe staples and accessories in light and dark colors, you’re ready to start experimenting with outfits. For your outfit consideration and added inspiration, here are a few summer outfit ideas that involve styling dark colored pieces:

  • Summer LBD: Are there any stylish summer occasions where a little black dress is not a good choice? Wearing your favorite LBD during the summer months is likely the most simple way to rock dark colored clothing in the middle of summer. To make your little black dress or other cute dresses in dark colors more wearable for summer, try pairing them with strappy sandals, open toe heels or a white belt.
  • Jewel Tones: Black isn’t the only dark color you might have trouble styling in the summer. Other colors like deep purple, emerald green, mustard, burgundy and royal blue might seem out of place in a crowd of pastel and bright white outfits, but don’t store all of your jewel toned clothing away for the fall! You can play up these rich tones and soften them a bit by styling them appropriately.

When it comes to wearing rich jewel tones in the summer, choose pieces that match the style and materials of some of your most loved warm weather basics. You might go for a pair of white or beige linen pants paired with a bold green comfy t-shirt made from cotton. Use jewel tones as a surprising pop of color in place of popular light summer hues like neon green and turquoise.

  • Elevated Neutrals: Though the most common warm weather neutrals include cream, beige and light taupe shades, you can easily incorporate darker neutrals into your wardrobe this summer as well. The menswear-inspired wide leg pants trend has stood the test of time and is the perfect way to add a darker color to a casual summer outfit. Pair your dark gray or brown wide leg jeans with a lighter neutral on top. You can switch between lighter t-shirts, sleeveless blouses, tank tops or crop tops and create multiple monochromatic looks!

Finishing Touches

The accessorizing process is arguably the most fun part of creating an outfit. To make your dark colored pieces blend well with summer staples, it’s a good idea to go for neutral accessories, classic metallics and pieces you generally wear regardless of the weather or season. Pair your darker pieces with one of your favorite cute purses in a tan or neutral shade. Shoes and sandals in a fresh summer color offer a bit of stylish contrast to black and other dark colors, too. Finish off your dark and summery look with glowy makeup and jewelry that sparkles!

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