How To Take Care Of Oily Skin

Having oily skin isn’t just for teenagers going through hormonal changes. Adult men and women are also often confronted with this excess sebum which makes the skin shine and causes unsightly pimples. Fortunately, this is not inevitable; many natural tips exist to eliminate it!

It is the sebum produced in excess by the sebaceous glands that cause oily skin. It is usually located on the T zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin). It can be the source of blackheads and other pimples. Follow our advice to fight it naturally!

Oily Skin: Our Natural Solutions

Here are some natural remedies to treat oily skin:

  • Pay attention to the sun. If you think the sun is drying your skin, it’s true for the first few days, but your skin may become more oily to overcome this aggression.
  • Cleanse your skin daily. It appears glaringly evident. However, we sometimes need help remembering it. The face should be washed twice daily with a gentle product (non-oily gel, micellar water, etc.). Avoid products that are too irritating, which could make the problem worse.
  • Eat healthy and fat-free. Avoid chocolate or deli meats. It is even advisable to eat avocado, corn, grapefruit, or brown bread… but no scientist has proven their effectiveness.
  • Go for light makeup. Some women tend to wear makeup quite heavily to mask their glowing complexion. If this solution is conclusive in the short term, it prevents the skin from breathing and thus causes pimples.
  • Hydrate your skin. If it is necessary to avoid overly greasy cosmetics, it is still necessary to moisturize your face.
  • Even if it’s tempting, don’t scratch your pimples! This would cause local inflammation and an ugly scar.
  • Make scrubs. The objective is not to attack your skin but, on the contrary, to clean it in depth. Use a gentle exfoliant for this (our recipe below).
  • Test the Konjac sponge. Naturally, it will allow you to cleanse your skin gently.
  • Consult a professional: if your skin remains oily and is more acne-prone, you can see a dermatologist who will give you personalized advice.

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Oily Skin: An Effective Grandmother’s Recipe

Dilute a few drops of lavender essential oil in a liter of cider vinegar. If you have lavender in your garden, macerate a handful of lavender flowers in a jar filled with white vinegar for two weeks, then strain. In half a glass of water, pour a small dash of this lavender vinegar (obtained by one of the two methods above) and use it as a tonic lotion; it is very effective for oily skin!

Oily Skin In Men

Oily skin affects everyone, not just women. If the advice above is equally valid for both sexes, male skin has some specificities, so here is an additional natural tip. Gentlemen, choose a treatment rich in zinc and copper for your aftershave moisturizer. These two elements help fight against oily skin. Also, ensure impeccable hygiene for your beard or mustache by washing them regularly.

Recipes Against Oily Skin

Even if some commercial products are very effective, we recommend these two quick recipes to fight oily skin.

The exfoliation to do once a week (no more!): mix three tablespoons of baking soda in a little vegetable oil (for example, wheat germ, jojoba, or hazelnut oil). Gently massage the oily area and rinse.

The clay mask to do once a month: choose a clay that suits you (green, pink…). Mix two tablespoons with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and water. Apply, leave on, and remove before the clay dries.

The Right Soap For Oily Skin

If it is advisable to take care of your skin with scrubs and masks, washing it daily but without attacking it is also essential. To do this, you must choose a mild soap, the least stripping possible, and soap-free, such as superfatted pieces of bread. Aleppo soap is very natural and suitable for oily skin and gently cleanses. Choose it with a high content of bay laurel oil.

The Best Products For Oily Skin

Oily skin needs suitable products. When you shop, choose gentle care, alcohol-free, soap-free, and detergent-free. On the other hand, thermal waters and products based on salicylic acid are all indicated! For your routine, take non-greasy and mattifying creams; your skin will appear more neutral. The make-up remover must be non-comedogenic, that is to say, not promoting the secretion of blackheads; this is the case with micellar water. On the make-up side, opt for light products that are not too covering and allow the skin to breathe. If you want to hide pimples, there are treatments to apply locally.

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