How Will Be The Training In The Fields Of Sport, Fitness And Nutrition?

Fitness and nutrition are two inseparable areas. The goals of both areas correlate very strongly with one another. If you want to be fit, you have to pay careful attention to your diet. On the other hand, healthy eating habits make it much easier to achieve and maintain a certain level of fitness. Health and physical well-being go hand in hand with the combination of both areas.

So it is not surprising that many courses combine content from both subject areas. Below you will find an overview of training opportunities with which you can qualify as an expert in fitness, health and nutrition.

The Fitness Trainer B License

This training covers fundamental aspects of athletic training. The fitness trainer B license covers the foundation of training theory and provides a general understanding of fitness and health training. Among other things, you will deal with the following questions in the fitness trainer B license training:

Which movements and associated exercises are healthy and promote our performance in endurance and strength training?

How do I design a target-oriented and meaningful training program specially designed for a person’s needs?

What do I have to consider when training in terms of human anatomy and physiology?

A fitness trainer training focuses on sporting activity and the associated physical reactions and adaptation processes. Some providers combine nutrition and fitness advisor training or offer “sports and nutrition training”. The ASG’s B-license training also contains a chapter on typical sports nutrition issues, so that with your license, you can act as a nutrition and fitness coach in the fitness industry.

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Training to Become a Personal Trainer

Besides training science and physiology, you will mainly deal with modern training methods and individual customer service in personal trainer training. Economic aspects in marketing and self-employment as a personal trainer are also included, as a personal trainer’s professional profile is often done on an independent basis. Because your customers’ relationship plays a significant role here, you will learn essential points in dealing with them in discussions and communication.

Training as a Medical Fitness Trainer

Those who do sport can also get injured. While the fitness trainer B license and the training as a personal trainer mainly relate to fitness-oriented, preventive and health training, you focus on training as a medical fitness trainer on training in a rehabilitative context. How you have to deal with sports injuries such as a torn muscle fibre or a herniated disc during fitness training is explained to you in detail in this training.

You will also learn to deal with diseases such as asthma or diabetes. This training is particularly suitable for supporting older people with strength and endurance training, as you deal more deeply with the subject of rehabilitation and try to improve the state of health of your customers through athletic training. A controlled training that is gentle on the joints is particularly important and is therefore given priority.

Training as a Group Fitness Trainer

Many people have much more fun training in a group than on their own. This is how you motivate each other and let yourself be infected by the community’s positive energy. Such a sports lesson is usually carried out so that various exercises are carried out together under the guidance of a trainer.

The most rhythmic sequence is often accompanied by music. This is how you get out of your comfort zone and have fun doing sport. The training to group fitness trainers predominantly consisted of various forms of aerobics, the mobility training and choreography. Basic knowledge of training theory and the history of group fitness training are further learning contents.

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Training to Become a Nutritionist

Everyday life can be organized without exercise, but not without your diet. Nutrition is therefore of great importance for our health, even beyond fitness training. In training to become a nutritionist, you will go into more detail about food intake questions.

Micronutrients play just as important a role here as macronutrients and water. Not only for athletes but every health-conscious person, it is an advantage to know about nutritional issues. Performance stands and falls with food intake – according to the motto: You are what you eat.

Your Training Opportunities

In the areas of fitness training and nutrition, you have numerous training opportunities. Training in sports and nutrition prepares you for a wide variety of jobs as a fitness and nutrition coach. You can find more information about the individual training courses on the following pages:

  • Fitness trainer training
  • Personal trainer training
  • Medical fitness trainer
  • Group fitness trainer
  • Nutritionist training
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