Is It True That Honey Makes You Lose Weight? Here Is The Answer

Does honey make you lose weight or gain weight? This is the subject of controversy between nutritionists and experts. Some claim that love, thanks to the properties it boasts, makes you lose weight, and some say the opposite.

In Short, What Is The Truth?

Let’s shed some light on this as information circulates on the web that is not truthful, and sometimes false alarmism is created due to incorrect knowledge.

Honey Diet: How Does It Work?

It sounds unbelievable, but the honey diet brings its benefits. The Honey Diet has slimming properties if you follow a specific diet based on honey. Here’s how it works: love makes you lose the extra pounds for two simple reasons: it burns fat and, on the other hand, gives a great emotional impact as it helps you not to crave sweets because in itself it is already a purely sweet ingredient.

Taking this type of diet into consideration, you can lose between 1 kg or so in just one week, that’s right, but as long as you pay attention to a few small factors. We immediately start from the assumption that there is no need to give up, diet honey allows you to eat everything, but the important thing is to follow a healthy but balanced diet. The dessert is allowed only if it is made with honey. No sugar because it turns out to be far more fattening than the fats themselves.

Refined carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, and white rice, should be banned because it increases the glucose level in the blood, so it is better to prefer whole grains because they are rich in fiber. They increase the sense of satiety and also promote intestinal motility. Whole carbohydrates must be added to each meal; they must represent ¼ of the meal; this must be emphasized because otherwise, the results as mentioned earlier will not be achieved as previously mentioned. Let’s see specifically which foods to integrate into the meal.

Honey Diet: What To Eat To Lose The Extra Pounds?

As we have said, whole grains must represent ¼ of the meal, and legumes are allowed in their place because they are rich in proteins. Meat is also to be preferred, but white ones and fish. Vegetables can be consumed in large quantities because, even in this case, the satiety index is particularly high, and once finished, you will no longer feel hungry. Fruit should be eaten in moderation and should not exceed two portions per day. Please pay attention to the sauce, and it must be very light and not too heavy. Greenlight to egg yolk, tofu, vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese.

Honey: When To Consume It To Maximize The Benefits?

According to the report, sugar must be replaced exclusively with honey. Then, to obtain an excellent slimming effect, you must consume a spoonful of it before going to bed. It is during sleep that the greatest benefits can be obtained. Unlike refined carbohydrates, this ingredient does not raise blood glucose levels, promoting the breakdown of lipids and fats. Another factor deserves particular attention: consuming a teaspoon in the evening improves the quality of sleep because it can protect the brain from sugar overload. The conclusion is Yes, Honey makes you lose weight.

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