Lose Weight On Your Face – Is That Possible?

Would you like to have a narrow face? We have a few simple tricks on how to slim your face or make it look slimmer with a new haircut. A double chin is not only reserved for plump people, but thin people can also have round cheeks, and love handles on their faces.

The good news: you can lose weight on your face! However, it’s almost impossible to lose weight just on your face unless you’re on a diet that burns all body fat. With the following weight loss tips, you can optimize the shape of your face and lose weight on your face. We will also introduce you to some styling tips and show you how makeup and a haircut can make your face appear narrower.

Why Is My Face So Round?

A round face can have genetic causes. There’s not much you can do about that if you’re already slim. But don’t worry; in this case, the right haircut and makeup tailored to your face shape can help make your face look smaller. Improving your posture can also flatter your face. Make sure that you are standing up straight. Pull your belly button in, straighten your back, push out your chest, lift your chin slightly and look at the result in the mirror.

With a high-fat content in the body, the face naturally also increases in volume. A holistic diet, which can also reduce facial fat, helps here. If you are very young and also slim, your chubby face can also turn into a narrow face over time. The best thing to do is look at your family. If neither of your parents has a round face shape, chances are very good that over time your face will get smaller on its own as your baby fat goes away.

Another reason for a round face can be edema. This is swelling or water retention caused by too much stress, not getting enough sleep, poor diet, drug and alcohol use, lack of nutrients, too salty, or not enough exercise. In this case, a doctor’s visit can help clarify the cause.

Change Nourishment

It doesn’t have to be a stick diet that ends up creating frustration instead of burning your fat deposits. A change in diet to healthy, wholesome food achieves significantly better results in the long term and prevents the dreaded yo-yo effect. If your favorite foods have always been fast food and chocolate, it may make sense to consult a nutritionist. A nutrition plan will be developed with you, individually tailored to your needs.

The rule of thumb for a healthy diet that kills fat reserves fairly quickly is fruit, vegetables, sprouts, and herbs from the basis, followed by food rich in carbohydrates and foods rich in protein. Good fats, i.e., cold-pressed vegetable oils and nuts, bring up the rear. Sweets should be the absolute exception. Your body doesn’t need pure sugar to survive. A diet of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat makes you fat. It is much better if the food you eat contains a lot of fiber, i.e., vegetables and fruit. It would help if you also relied on whole grains for bread and pasta.

Proteins from plant sources are preferable to those from animal products. So it is better to use lentils, beans, chickpeas, quinoa, and tofu than high-fat cheese. Meat and fish should only be eaten in moderation. Rely on lean poultry meat here. Salmon offers you good fatty acids and contains many toxins from the polluted oceans. It is, therefore, better to choose products from organic farming. There is also a lot of sugar hidden in soft drinks. Water and unsweetened tea are preferable to quench thirst. Fruit juices and the currently super popular smoothies should also be drunk in moderation because they are real sugar bombs. It is best to use freshly squeezed juice to keep all the vitamins.

Contouring Is Also A Solution

If you are predisposed to a round, chubby face, you can cover overly full proportions with makeup. When contouring, you use darker makeup tones to set specific accents under the cheekbones, on the chin, forehead, and nose to give your face a narrower look. It is best to get a few tips from the makeup artist or look at online tutorials.

Different Haircut

There are some haircuts for round faces that work wonders. With longer hair, updos that add volume to the head can contour a round face. They visually lengthen the face. A permanent solution is haircuts in which fringes fall loosely over the face and play around the shape. On the other hand, hairstyles in which the hair creates a lot of volume on the sides of the head should be avoided. Even a straight fringe does not flatter the shape of a full face and should be avoided accordingly.

So if you are tired of getting rid of the fat pad, you can still get a lot out of your face shape with the right styling.

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