Main Causes Of Skin Aging

In addition to age, there are other extrinsic factors that we can control to avoid premature aging of the skin, such as excessive exposure to the sun, tobacco, or the diet that we follow.

Why Does The Skin Age?

When observing two people of the same age, we often notice that one of them seems much younger than the other and we ask ourselves: how did he do it? The skin, like the rest of our body, ages over the years, but there are other factors that influence:

  • Genetics: the hereditary factor influences a lot, as well as the characteristics of the skin (if it is oily, dry, with a tendency). acneica, etc.).
  • The sun: excessive exposure to the sun causes the appearance of sunspots, veins (spider veins), fine wrinkles … Protect your skin before and after sunbathing and do not spend too many hours under its rays.
  • Tobacco: the harmful substances of tobacco cause a series of changes in our metabolism that accelerate the aging of the skin, in addition to giving it a hazy yellowish tone. The good news is that these tobacco-related changes are reversible if you quit smoking.
  • Hormonal changes: especially menopause.
  • Diet and alcohol: a diet poor in anti-free radicals and essential fatty acids, as well as excessive alcohol intake, promote premature skin aging.

Signs Of Skin Aging

  • Fine wrinkles.
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • Progressive thinning of the skin, that is, reduction of the fatty tissue that is under it, especially around the eyes and cheeks.
  • The amount of collagen also decreases.
  • Large spots appear in areas exposed to the sun (face, hands …).
  • Blood vessels become more fragile, causing veins, bruises, capillary hemangiomas, senile purpura, and other related conditions to appear.

Can It Be Prevented?

From the age of 20, it is recommended to adopt a series of measures to slow down skin aging as much as possible, such as avoiding sunburn, moisturizing the skin daily with a good cream, removing make-up well and cleaning the skin thoroughly daily, Eat a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, avoid tobacco and alcohol, exercise frequently …

These tips help control skin aging from the inside and out. But also, it is convenient to use specific creams that nourish, regenerate and prevent oxidation of the skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines and giving the skin a luminous, young, and healthy appearance.


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