Make A Homemade Massage Oil

It’s time to learn how to make your homemade massage oil. Do you have time and want to take care of yourself? It’s time to learn how to make your homemade massage oil.

Homemade Massage Oil, Two Good Reasons To Make It

During this period of confinement, pharmacies remain open: that’s good; that’s where you will find the essential oils you need. However, commercial massage oils contain silicones to “slip,” which pollute the water. You never massage yourself: it’s normal; the West is not the biggest fan of body massage. Yet it does you good: it will make you a good memory of confinement.

Homemade Massage Oil, The Base

Making homemade massage oil is easy: you need a vegetable base and essential oils. Essential oils are lipophilic; in other words, they mix very well with oil.

Which Massage Oil Is For The Body?

No need to break the bank; the best base oils are not the most expensive. If you are a beginner, take classic useful ones. In general, two to three vegetable oils are mixed: the most used vegetable oils are hazelnut oil, macadamia oil, and apricot kernel oil. The reason is that these three oils have a low greasy texture. And are cheap. No bad surprises.

Basic Massage Oils: More Or Less Rich In Fatty Acids

But you can also use sweet almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, chia oil, camphor oil, rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, etc. Some vegetable oils are more or less rich in fatty acids. And have an active ingredient in the body:

  • Thus arnica is renowned for pain and bruises.
  • Rosehip is excellent against stretch marks and attacks on the skin.
  • Argan oil preserves it from aging.
  • Calendula, which soothes irritations.

Which Essential Oil For A Pleasant Massage?

Again, provide two to three essential oils: for a relaxing massage, use the classic mixture of true lavender essential oil (in this case, do not take aspic lavender, which is camphorated) and oil sweet orange. Attention, the proportion is 3% of essential oil for your massage oil. Never again.

Also, be careful always to have a light hand with citrus essential oils, as they are photo-sensitizing.

Homemade Massage Oil: The Recipes

For a 30ml massage oil, pour into a measuring pitcher: first, the macadamia oil (10ml). A nice small note, add jojoba oil (10ml) which makes your massage slippery and will make your massage pleasant, then again macadamia oil or another vegetable oil, for example, rosehip (10ml).

Now, flavor this mixture with your essential oils: you have well remembered that the proportion should never exceed 3% of essential oil, which makes twenty drops in total for your 30 ml massage oil. Pour your flavored massage oil into a bottle, preferably in tinted glass, to protect it from light. Close your bottle well and keep it anyway away from light and heat. In this way, you will keep it for six months without worry.

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Relaxing Massage Oil Recipe

The massage oil you have just made is used for the whole body: for the famous Californian massage. Either you get massaged by your soul mate, or you massage yourself. The Californian massage was born on the side of San Francisco, at the time new-age when we wanted to free the body from the taboos which tensed it up a little.

Foot Massage Oil, Long Live Reflexology

Don’t be ashamed to fiddle with your toes: your whole body will thank you. There are two ways to do it: since you are temporarily deprived of tennis, make movements of the foot’s arch, which will massage it. Then massage the sole, the lateral side of each toe, and, of course, the arch of the foot (the favorite part between the bulge at the base of the toes and the internal beginning of the heel) with the following massage oil:

  • 10 ml sweet almond or grapeseed oil
  • Flavored with marjoram essential oil

An alternative :

  • 10ml sweet almond oil
  • With peppermint essential oil

Did you get the proportions right? So that makes 3 to 4 drops of essential oil.

Hand Massage Oil

These days, you’re washing them even more than usual. Keep doing it; it’s a vital barrier gesture. This does not prohibit you from softening their skin once a day; it will relax them. And then the hands, there are a lot of nerve endings. To do this, choose a nourishing and soothing oil, such as argan oil, which is ideal for dry skin. In winter, know that hand massage is a good way to fight against the cold, to which the extremities are sensitive: combine macadamia oil with St. John’s wort.

Massage Oil For Hands And Fragile Skin

If you have sensitive skin, prefer calendula oil in combination with chamomile. Fluid calendula oil has a very pleasant lemony scent.

Massage Oil And Face

Another barrier gesture does not touch your face. But at home, once your hands have been carefully washed, protect your skin with massage oil, which gives it a protective film:

  • If you have dry skin, choose a nourishing oil: avocado, argan, or almond.
  • Use non-greasy oils such as jojoba or macadamia if you have oily skin.
  • If you are aging, rosehip oil is excellent.

Always apply diluted homemade massage oil to your face: pour a few drops on a clean damp cloth and gently massage your face. In any case, the message, of course, brings well-being.

It is also part of the carnal pleasure with his partner. It is also an excellent means of prevention: after the shower, massaging helps to soothe the skin attacked by the soap. And then, if you are a woman, massaging your breasts makes it possible to check that you don’t have a nasty little malignant bump. As for these gentlemen, the massage does you good too.

Homemade Massage Oil: Pregnant Woman And Baby

Finally, be careful; never use essential oil with children under five. The same if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Homemade Massage Oil: Our Other Recipes

Homemade Coconut Massage Oil

You can use coconut oil if you are in a hurry. If you have little time, take a spoonful of coconut oil in your palm and heat it to become liquid. Then, massage the desired area.

Homemade Massage Oil With Olive Oil

Olive oil is also a great base oil suitable for many skin types. In your container, pour 10ml of olive oil, then 3 to 4 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Homemade Massage Oil For Muscle Aches And Pains

Take a base oil (olive, rapeseed, macadamia, avocado, etc.) and macerate lavender. Put this mixture in a glass jar in the sun, and stir daily. After 2 to 3 weeks, filter. This preparation is ideal for relieving muscle pain and other aches. But beware, it is not a cure; consult your doctor if the symptoms and pain persist.

How To Make Aphrodisiac Massage Oil?

To make this oil, you will need a basic vegetable oil:

  • Macadamia oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Nuts oil

And essential oils are known for their aphrodisiac properties, for example:

  • Ginger essential oil
  • Ylang ylang essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil

Put 10ml of sesame oil and 10ml of macadamia oil in a container. Add 2 drops of essential oil each. Mix, and it’s ready!

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