Makeup Remover: Several Possible Uses!

Makeup removal has not finished surprising us: it has become a natural treatment and invites us to review our habits. But like any treatment in its own right, it becomes specialized, and there are all kinds! How to find it? Whatever its composition, the makeup remover is a water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsion enriched with surfactants, these cleansing molecules that bind and carry away impurities and makeup residues. With, in addition, a specific claim for each.

I Also Erase My Dead Cells

Ideal for skin very “smothered” by a smoky, polluted universe: the “exfoliating makeup remover.” It removes dead cells that dull the complexion. By refining skin texture: its astringent action tightens pores. Dead cells are removed, and the epidermis regenerates faster and better. As a result, the skin is smoother.

And thanks to fruit acids, this makeup removal also revives slightly faded complexions. The excellent gesture: if you adopt this type of makeup remover every day, do not double it with an exfoliating scrub once a week. In addition, this type of makeup remover is not recommended for sensitive skin.

I Also Prevent Wrinkles With Makeup Remover

They do not replace it, but are an excellent complement,” explains Amandine Thierry, professional makeup artist and contributor to Femmes References. The cells are stimulated, thanks to revitalizing active ingredients such as vitamin F, minerals, and trace elements and repairing plant extracts. Protect against free radicals with vitamin C or vitamin E. The trick: massage the milk with your fingertips in circular motions, precisely as you would with your day cream. Through this daily tissue stimulation, you reinforce the anti-aging action.

Makeup Remover To Lighten My Complexion

There are lightning lines rich in active melanin inhibitors for all those who want to maintain a translucent complexion. All ranges include at least one makeup remover. Used alone, it will have little effect daily, and it can help even out the complexion and reduce dark spots.

The right attitude: three weeks before any exposure to the sun, consider swapping them for a Normal makeup remover. Because, even in small doses, these lightening cleansers tend to limit the production of melanin.

Foam Or Wipes?

Bring a little fantasy into your bathroom and dare playful and practical textures. Love yourself in the foam! Form in the hollow of your palm an excellent knob of light mousse. Let it melt on your face under your fingers, then rinse under clear water. Even sensitive skin will appreciate their ultra-gentle formulas. The oiliest will adopt the astringent foams for their purifying properties.

We adopt the wipe: a new gesture and sensation on the skin; the makeup remover wipe is emulated. She is the ideal partner for night owls. It combines the motion of a washcloth and the ease of cleansing milk. Without rinsing, it offers a unique and very effective gesture.

To convince you: Start by trying it on a lazy evening. You will appreciate its simplicity.

I purify My Skin With My Makeup Remover

If removing makeup is purifying, certain specific lines accentuate this function. They are specially formulated to rebalance normal, combination, or oily skin.

  • To let her breathe. When excess sebum mixes with makeup residue, it becomes suffocating for the epidermis! The solution: a cleanser that sanitizes it without attacking it. Key active ingredients: clay, citrus extracts, salicylic acid, but also certain sebum-regulating thermal waters.
  • To rebalance. Often enriched with zinc, these specific lines help calm an overproduction of sebum, which is responsible for the dilation of pores and shine.
  • The excellent idea: normal skin will adopt these treatments on the central areas of the face and will keep their usual makeup remover for an ultra-clean result.

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