Radiofrequency Treatment : Anti-Aging For The Skin

Smoother, firmer skin without a scalpel or syringe: the radiofrequency treatment increases collagen production and firms the skin.

The radiofrequency treatment is a beauty treatment for skin tightening.

Whether face, neck, and décolleté or other parts of the body such as the upper arms – the cosmetic treatment is suitable for many zones that should be visibly rejuvenated.

With radiofrequency treatment, radio waves are emitted to the skin through a handpiece. The resulting warming of the skin to over 40 degrees Celsius causes the collagen fibers in the tissue to contract. The so-called collagen shrinking builds up and firms the connective tissue.

Radiofrequency Treatment – Skin Tightening For Face And Body

  • At the same time, the formation of new collagen fibers and elastin in the subcutaneous tissue is stimulated. These fibers support the skin and tissue from the inside like a stable network. The contours are tightened and wrinkles smoothed.
  • The radiofrequency treatment is particularly suitable for sagging facial and body regions such as the cheeks or chin.
  • Smaller love handles can also be reduced with radiofrequency treatment. Radiofrequency treatment is even suitable as a beauty treatment against cellulite.
  • With the absolutely painless cosmetic treatment, you can relax wonderfully. The handpiece is moved over the skin in gentle circular movements. You can feel the light massage movements and the warmth that tightens the skin.
  • The first results are already visible after the first cosmetic treatment with radiofrequency. After a few days, the skin tightening becomes even clearer with the formation of new collagen fibers.
  • For intensive skin tightening, several consecutive sessions are recommended after consultation with the beautician.

We show you how the beauty treatment works step-by-step:

Step 1: Advice

In a consultation, the beauty expert asks your wishes and carries out an analysis of the skin . You can now relax on the comfortable cosmetic couch in a pleasant atmosphere.

Step 2: Clean Skin Thoroughly

First, the skin is cleaned thoroughly. Make-up, care residues, and dirt are removed with a cleaning product tailored to your skin.

With the light facial massage, you can simply close your eyes, relax, and enjoy. The cleansing product is then removed from the skin with warm compresses.

Step 3: Start The Radiofrequency Treatment

Now a contact gel is applied to the skin area to be treated. The right handpiece is selected depending on the part of the body.

A smaller handpiece is used for the anti-aging treatment of the face than, for example, for the radiofrequency treatment against cellulite on the legs or for fat reduction on the abdomen.

Step 4: The Treatment

The handpiece is now moved over the skin in circular movements. The duration of the cosmetic treatment for skin tightening depends on the region and skin condition.

Step 5: Choice Of Care Products

  • After the radiofrequency treatment, anti-aging is additionally supported by special care products. Depending on the skin type, an ampoule or a serum is applied before the appropriate day cream is gently massaged in.
  • With very sensitive skin, slight reddening can occur, but this fades quickly. For best results, around four to six sessions should be scheduled.
  • A little patience should be planned for this beauty treatment. Patience pays off after a few weeks and is rewarded with younger and firmer-looking skin.

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