Rosehip Oil To Pamper Your Skin!

This pretty plant with pink and white flowers, native to the Andes and, more precisely, Chile, gives an exceptional oil. It’s cold-pressed seeds produce the famous rosehip oil, known for its regenerative benefits on the skin. Rosehip oil has been used empirically for its virtues for a long time. But it has been the subject of scientific studies since the 1980s by a Chilean university which tends to prove its many virtues linked to its composition.

What Are The Benefits Of Rosehip Oil On The Face?

Rosehip vegetable oil has many benefits for the body and the face. This oil, ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin, is regenerating, restorative, and anti-aging simultaneously. It allows you to take care of your whole body naturally. Very rich in essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3, and vitamins, it is regenerating, anti-wrinkle, anti-dehydrating, healing, and softening!

On the body, you can apply it in massage. Insist on any scars or stretch marks that it will soothe.

It is also ideal on dry areas such as knees, heels, or elbows because it moisturizes. But it is the fact that it is especially appreciated by those who want to erase a few wrinkles. It should be applied regularly to wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, or the eye contour. The skin is more tense, softened, and less dull!

Rosehip Oil On The Face

In addition to nourishing dry and sensitive skin, this oil can treat atopic skin, that is to say, very sensitive to its environment and prone, for example, to eczema or allergies. Its restorative powers are due to its high omega 3, 6, and 9 (essential fatty acids) content. This oil is also renowned for its anti-aging, softening, and antioxidant properties. These properties are explained by its high concentration of vitamin E and beta-carotene.

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The Effects Of Rosehip Oil On Scars

Rich in carotenoids, including retinol, this oil is the best alternative to reduce scars, thanks to its powerful therapeutic action. In case of cuts, burns, and scars, this vegetable oil accelerates the reconstruction of your cells while soothing your skin. To do this, apply a few drops of oil to your skin twice daily.

Rosehip Oil On Brown Spots

Its antioxidant properties (provided by vitamin E) help globally fight wrinkles and skin aging. They also reduce and make less visible skin spots such as age spots. It also improves the appearance of brown spots due to aging or the sun by reducing them and slowing down their appearance. Redness can also be reduced thanks to the vitamin K contained in this elixir.

Rosehip oil is most famous for caring for skin marked by time or the sun. Studies have proven that regular oil application improves overall skin texture and color.

Rosehip Oil And Stretch Marks

Stretch marks forming white furrows on the skin are scars that appear when the skin has been relaxed following a rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis. They often appear on areas where the skin is tense: buttocks, stomach, thigh, breasts, and armpits. The polyunsaturated essential fatty acids in rosehip oil accelerate cell regeneration and promote suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

Its healing, and regenerating action explains its key role in preventing and treating stretch marks. For effective action, the ideal is to apply rosehip oil as soon as stretch marks appear before they heal and turn white. It is possible to apply this oil to prevent stretch marks. For example, pregnant women are often advised to use this oil early in their pregnancy to limit the appearance of marks.

Rosehip Oil On Hair

Rosehip oil is a real asset for treating damaged, dry, brittle, dull hair, scalp irritations, and split ends. Its composition (fatty acids, vitamin E, beta carotene ) helps hair regenerate faster.

To revive the shine of your hair and soften it, brush it with rosehip oil before shampooing. You can also do an oil bath on your hair before bed and leave it on overnight. The next day, your hair will be deeply regenerated. All the benefits of rosehip oil, particularly in skin regeneration, led the Chilean Concepcion University to conduct a study on the regenerative capacity of this oil on skin damaged by scars, burns, or premature aging.

A Study On Skin Regeneration

The first scar study was done on a test group of 180 people. The results led to the conclusion that rosehip oil has a significant positive impact on skin regeneration. Subsequently, other studies of the same kind led to similar results. So, try rosehip oil if you want to pamper your skin naturally and restore its radiance and tone!

The Uses Of Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil can be used in many ways. The idea is to use this oil in your cosmetics or skin care and to integrate this oil into your beauty and well-being routine.

How To Use Rosehip Oil?

Most of the time, rosehip oil is applied to the skin. Here are the different treatments in which it is common to find rosehip oil: anti-aging creams, moisturizing day or night creams, soothing after-shave or waxing treatments, and repairing creams for the body or face. , specific treatments to reduce scars and stretch marks. This oil can be:

  • Mixed with other vegetable oils (or essential oils);
  • Associated with butter or waxes to make lip or body balms. ;
  • Used to compose hand, body, and face creams.

When To Use Rosehip Oil?

Regarding regular use, apply a drop of rosehip oil to moisturize your skin in the morning and evening. In the event of stretch marks, apply the oil twice a day to your stretch marks or areas at risk as a cure for 3 to 4 weeks, to be renewed every two months if necessary.

Purchase Guide

This flagship product is increasingly present and accessible on the market. Where to find rosehip oil and how to choose it?

What Is The Best Rosehip Oil?

To choose the best possible oil, you should pay attention to several criteria:

  • To obtain quality oil, it must come from organic farming. It must be 100% pure and 100% of natural origin.
  • Cold pressing is imperative for the oil to retain its fatty acids and vitamins.
  • The composition: the oil must be composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids, unsaponifiable, oleic, and fatty acids.

Where To Buy Rosehip Oil For The Face?

You will easily find rosehip oil in the nearest organic store!

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