Shoe Trends In Spring 2022: Everyone Is Wearing These Models Now

We can hardly wait to finally stow away the thick winter boots in the shoe closet and exchange them for lighter models. You can read which shoe trends you can look forward to in spring 2022.

Get out of the thick winter clothes and into colourful, light spring fashion. Spring is gradually spreading and brings us numerous new fashion and shoe trends. They come in handy for us because we also need the right footwear for our spring wardrobe, which can be a little extra in the post-corona era and spread a good mood.

Although the trend is going in a similar direction to 2021 and the rough shapes, in particular, will remain the same, in addition to chunky models, more and more feminine and chic pieces are celebrating their comeback.

From ballerinas and colourful sneakers to chunky loafers: We show you the five shoe must-haves for spring 2022.

Chunky Loafers Will Remain A Trend In Spring 2022

Loafers were already everywhere last year, and the trend will continue in spring 2022. No wonder, after all, the low shoes, which you can easily slip into, are ideal for the spring-like temperatures and are also real all-rounders.

With a narrow sole, the shoe looks elegant and harmonises perfectly with chic business looks, the chunkier and thicker the heel, the rougher the look. The masculine pieces are also getting a fashion update in the new season because, in spring 2022, they will be worn in light white and cream tones in addition to black.

Shoes In Spring: Clogs Are Making A Comeback

Some find them terrible. Others love them: We’re talking about clogs. The shoes with the solid wooden sole, which became the favourite shoe of hippies in the 1970s, had long disappeared from the scene, but in the spring season of 2022, they are now one of the most popular shoe trends of all.

Admittedly, clogs take some getting used to, but as fashion people have proven, they can also look pretty cool. On top of that, the must-have pieces for spring 2022 can be styled in various ways. Clogs go well with both casual jeans and playful floral dresses and skirts. The chunky and rustic look of the shoes ensures an exciting break in style, especially with feminine clothing, and always exudes a little flower power feeling.

Shoe Trend Spring 2022: Colourful Sneakers

Sneakers are probably the most popular and most comfortable shoes of all and should not be missing in spring 2022. However, if you are looking for a little variety in addition to the long-running favourites in white, you will want colored sneakers for the spring season.

As a feel-good booster, dopamine dressing spreads across our clothing and doesn’t stop at the shoe trends for the new season. Brightly colored sneakers immediately spice up simple outfits and are among the favourite statement pieces of many influencers in spring.

Platform Heels Are In Fashion For Spring

In the past two years, things have been more comfortable in (shoe) fashion, but in 2022 it will be time to stop being subtle. Platform heels are celebrating a brilliant comeback and exude many disco vibes.

The must-have shoes for spring come with extremely high heels, sometimes in plain black, sometimes in bright colours, sometimes with a patent leather look, mostly in the typical sandal shape. Of course, the platform pieces harmonise perfectly with feminine dresses or skirts (they shouldn’t be too tight or too short, however), but they also look super exciting in a style break with rough jeans. And as Instagrammer Hanna MW even proves, the trendy shoes even look stylish with socks.

Ballerinas Are Among The Trend Shoes In Spring 2022

Ballerinas have disappeared somewhat from the trend radar in recent years and were increasingly considered boring and conservative. And there’s the world not exactly impressed by the flat shoes to slip on. But we can safely ignore that now. The classic shoe is back in the 2022 spring season, as designers and fashion girls are proving.

Flat ballerinas are super comfortable and an elegant and feminine alternative to sneakers and chunky loafers – they are also super versatile in terms of styling options. The trend pieces look particularly stylish and anything but well-behaved and girly in a style break with casual baggy jeans and oversized shirts.

New for spring 2022: slingback ballet flats. The strap on the heel provides an extra eye-catcher.

A Short Note At The End:

Of course, fashion is purely a matter of taste, and not everyone likes the trends and pieces shown. Our styling tips, outfit ideas, and hacks should serve as inspiration for you – what you make of them is entirely up to you. And always remember: What you want to wear is entirely your decision. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t wear. After all, fashion should do one thing above all: be fun!

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