Sport During Pregnancy Prevents Obesity In The Child

Are you pregnant and worried that exercising could endanger your child’s health? You can rest assured. As a current study shows, the movement is good for the baby!

During pregnancy, regular sports units are healthy and beneficial or even harmful to the unborn child?

Experts have so far disagreed. The findings from the latest research on this debate are clear – and by sport!

Sport Protects The Unborn Child

According to a recent study by a team of researchers at Washington State University, exercising during pregnancy is safe, but it may also even protect the child from future obesity.

To do this, the researchers studied the offspring of mice subjected to moderate-intensity exercise for 60 minutes each day during pregnancy. Offspring from untrained mice were used as a control group.

The offspring of the training mice showed increased protein levels compared to the control group, which is associated with brown adipose tissue. This type of tissue converts fat and sugar into heat, burning fat cells!

Also, these mice had a higher body temperature, suggesting that their brown adipose tissue is working more efficiently or has a higher thermogenic function. This, in turn, can prevent obesity and metabolic problems.

In addition, the researchers gave the offspring high-fat food for eight weeks. The offspring of the trained mice gained less weight and showed fewer symptoms of diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver.

All Children Benefit From Sports Units

The authors of the study point out that previous studies have shown that physical activity in obese women improves the health of their offspring.

However, this is the first study to show that the children of normal-weight women also benefit from the sports units. Regardless of the mother’s weight, the training will do the unborn child well.

“Based on our findings, we recommend that all women exercise regularly during pregnancy to boost the child’s metabolism,” says Jun Seok Son, the study’s leader, in a press release.

Beneficial Also For The Mothers

Of course, mothers also benefit from the workouts. They usually experience more trouble-free births. Exercise also releases happiness hormones, increases energy, relieves stress and helps you sleep better.

Of course, these advantages apply to everyone – whether pregnant or not.

When it comes to getting enough exercise, however, the reverse is also true: Healthy women who do not exercise during pregnancy can increase their child’s risk of obesity and metabolic problems.

Necessary: Before starting training, you should always consult a doctor first. There are risk factors for which sport is taboo – such as multiple births, previous miscarriages, bleeding, heart and infectious diseases and preterm labour.

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