Test: Sports Fan Or Sports Muffle – How Athletic Are You?

Sport keeps the body fit! It’s good for your health and your figure. Are you already top fit, or should you step on the gas again? Take the test and find out how athletic you are.

A regular workout makes a big difference in our quality of life – and yet it is not uncommon for the weaker self to win and push us back onto the sofa with great persistence.

And you? How about you? Are you a real sports cannon and could never do without your workout, or can you not be lured out from behind the oven with sport? Take the test and find out:

A fitness study by the Federal Association of Health Studios, the Fitness and Aerobics Association, the Industrial Association for Fitness and Health, FIBO and Inline Management Consulting has shown that do not exercise enough: Over 50 per cent of the population is aged 14, and over too little exercise at work and in leisure time, almost 33 per cent only do sports one to four times a month.

The Movement Must Be!

It will be ideal if you exercise at least 30 minutes two to three times a week. This can be intensive strength training in the gym, a jog with your best friend or a relaxing yoga class. Even a long walk or climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator is good for your health because it is not important what, but that you do something.

Big Muscles Are Not Enough!

Incidentally, if you have big muscles, you are not sporty. According to sports science, comprehensive fitness includes strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Of course, not everyone is equally good in all components, which is not bad. Those who would instead jog 5 kilometres than train with weights do squats and other exercises are welcome to continue doing so. Nevertheless, you should occasionally change your sports program because there is more to all-around fitness.

With this practical fitness test, you can find out at home where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

How Much Power Do You Have

Try to do as many push-ups as you can in 30 minutes. Men complete it classically, women on their knees. The body is stretched, torso and legs form a line. Now slowly lower your body to just above the floor.

Men can do 18 to 24 push-ups, while women can do 16 to 20.

How Agile Are You?

Sit on the floor with your legs straight and lift your toes. As you exhale, move forward as far as you can without it hurting. Measure the position that you can comfortably hold for at least three seconds.

In men, the distance to the tips of the toes is, on average, a finger or less, while women reach the tips of the toes or even extend beyond them.

How Good Is Your Coordination?

Stand with one leg firmly on the floor with your hands on your hips. The free leg should not touch the supporting leg.

On average, men and women can keep the one-leg stand balanced for around 10 seconds.

How’s Your Stamina?

Let’s start with the stairs. Before you start, you need to measure your baseline heart rate (beats per minute). Now stand in front of a staircase and climb up and down a double step with one leg for 90 seconds. Then repeat the whole thing with the other leg. The climbing speed depends on the body weight: Up to 60 kg – 45 times/90 seconds, from 60 kg – 37 times/90 seconds, from 80 kg – 30 times/90 seconds. Immediately measure your heart rate and multiply the result by 4. Now subtract your initial heart rate from this value.

The average value for men: is 50 to 59 and for women, 60 to 69.

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