Strawberry Tree: Properties, Uses And Benefits

An excellent disinfectant that helps intestinal activities. Antioxidants improve circulation. Protects the prostate

The plant resembles the blueberry (they belong to the same family), while the strawberry tree has its qualities: from the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the benefits provided to the liver and the circulatory system. The strawberry trees, which grow on a very ornamental plant, have a very prolonged flowering from autumn to late winter.

What Is The Corbezzolo

For the Greeks, it was a symbol of civilization and the Mediterranean. The Romans instead called it Arbutus unedo (Eat one) for the quality of its red berries. The strawberry tree, which in autumn is at its best in shape and beauty, is an evergreen shrub with sweet and fleshy fruits. An excellent shrub, for example, for the production of honey (aromatic and bitter in flavor), and a particular fruit for the jam and liqueur in alcohol obtained from it. The strawberry tree, whose plant has a variable height between one and eight meters, has small, white, bell-shaped flowers, which turn into a red fruit.

Beneficial Effects Of The Corbezzolo

Autumn is his season, and most likely, he is native to northern France and southern Ireland. Nowadays, however, it grows spontaneously in many countries of the Mediterranean scrub, such as in southern Italy, Corsica, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon and Algeria. In addition to being excellent in the kitchen, this plant is also rich in beneficial properties that are mainly kept in the leaves. But the fruits and roots can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

Nutritional Properties Of The Corbezzolo

The nutritional properties are summarized in these components. Every hundred grams of strawberry trees provide 76 calories and contain:

  • 11 grams of sugars
  • 0.8 grams of protein
  • 8 milligrams of vitamin C

Benefits Of The Corbezzolo

Here are 5 benefits that come to our health thanks to this precious Mediterranean fruit

  • A disinfectant for the urinary tract, especially in the case of cystitis, thanks mainly to arbutin
  • It has strong astringent and diuretic properties. Use it if you have problems of this nature
  • The infusion is excellent in case of intestinal inflammation and when there are episodes of diarrhea
  • Promotes the repair of local mucous membranes
  • It lowers blood pressure and works as an anti-inflammatory. Not surprisingly, its infusions are widely used in Morocco for these functions.

Corbezzolo: A Help Against Prostatitis

The mother tincture is an excellent ally in case of affections of the prostate and urethritis.

What Is The Corbezzolo Good For

  • It lightens the skin when it is stained, again thanks to the arbutin
  • It is an antioxidant, as shown by some studies carried out in the universities of Turkey
  • It improves circulation, and for this function, it should be taken in the form of a decoction, bearing in mind that the leaves of the strawberry trees are rich in tannins
  • It improves the mood, always after an infusion which should last 15 minutes

How Do You Eat Corbezzolo?

The strawberry tree is eaten like any other fruit, from strawberries to blueberries. It can be consumed with the whole peel, and the most effective use, also to reap its benefits, is to insert the strawberry trees in a fruit salad. The pulp of the strawberry tree is yellow, the taste slightly acid but still pleasant. The fruits of the strawberry tree are also used for syrups, juices, cakes and above all, delightful jams.

How Are The Fruits Of The Corbezzolo Called

The fruits of the strawberry tree are spherical berries measuring around 2 centimeters and red. They are called strawberry trees or sometimes albatrosses and can be eaten both fresh and through long-life products such as jams.

Contraindications Of The Corbezzolo

There are no particular contraindications to the consumption of strawberry trees: but if you use it abundantly and at the same time take drugs regularly, you should inform your doctor. Furthermore, since the fruit of the strawberry tree has astringent characteristics, it is not recommended when suffering from constipation.

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