Ten Tips To Improve Your Physique

Based on physical conformation, people are classified into two large groups: conformation defined as “an apple,” visceral, i.e. with the maximum concentration of fat mainly in the abdomen, arms and breasts, typical of the male sex; o conformation defined as “pear,” subcutaneous, or with the tendency to gain weight in the lower part of one’s body: thighs, hips and buttocks, typical of the female sex.

In addition to the aesthetic reference, this distinction distinguishes different health advantages and disadvantages. Fat accumulated in the abdomen, which is more “active” from a metabolic point of view than the “still” fat on the thighs, legs and buttocks, can present more significant health problems. The measurement of the waist circumference fact represents a risk factor for numerous metabolic and cardiovascular diseases when it exceeds a specific size (88 cm in women and 102 in men).

Apple Or Pear Shape

The “critical points” can be different from male and female and from individual to individual or even change throughout life because the distribution of body fat (adipose) is strongly influenced by the levels of hormones present in the organism. Both testosterone, the male hormone par excellence, and estrogen, a typically female hormone, are present in a percentage ratio that varies from person to person. The “love handles,” the “bacon,” typical of males, and the fat on the thighs and buttocks, typical of females, can also be found in the opposite sex due to the percentage of hormones.

High testosterone levels are associated with the accumulation of fatty tissue, especially in the abdomen above the navel (as well as in the face, neck and shoulders), giving rise to the so-called android or “apple” obesity. On the contrary, a high concentration of estrogen causes the fat to be localized above all at the level of the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen below the navel, generating gynoid or “pear” obesity. When you gain weight, you tend to feed the conformation you are predisposed to, leading the body to assume an “unnatural” and unpleasant shape to the eye.

Is it possible to change the shape of the body? Losing weight only in certain places is always tricky but not impossible. Reducing the phenomenon is possible above all if strategies are put into practice at a young age and consistently. The lifestyle and balanced diet observed constantly can help prevent diseases and imperfections due to fat deposits. In the course, to improve health and beauty, you should follow a virtuous lifestyle like the one proposed by the following ten tips.

Nutrition As An Ally

There is no definite correct diet; everyone has different needs that depend on their body and reactions. However, no physical change can be separated from proper nutrition. In general, among the diets studied, those of the Mediterranean area seem to be the best in prevention and intervention on the body.

In choosing the most suitable food program, one must consider any intolerances or pathologies related to ethical food choices, such as following a vegetarian or vegan scheme. It is advisable to consult a nutritionist to get a tailor-made diet in these cases.

Physical Activity Is Always Present

Physical activity constantly practiced over time induces numerous health benefits and increases psychological well-being. It plays a role of primary importance in preventing chronic degenerative, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, but above all, it promotes weight loss and outlines the muscles sculpting our body. The remodeling of the body requires physical activity and specific exercises concerning the area we want to modify; however it may be helpful to choose a sport or aerobic type activity that is effective for the whole body and that is pleasant and motivating (dance, tennis, cycling, football, volleyball, swimming, canoeing, skiing, rowing).

If you have stopped for a long time, it is essential to introduce physical activity gradually, avoid muscle contractures, and have good lung and circulatory capacity. To get good results, it is helpful to mix flexibility, strength and cardiovascular exercises. In addition to structured training, dedicated time and weekly frequency, it is essential to try to have as active a lifestyle as possible (walking, climbing stairs, etc.). They seem trivial actions, but they are necessary to activate the muscles and movements we can do every day.

Hydration For Your Body

It is essential to drink lots of water as proper hydration helps intestinal and kidney function, improves skin tone, and enables you to focus and be full of energy. In addition, it helps promote weight loss. Often what is perceived as a sense of hunger is thirst. The amount of water to drink varies, influenced by several factors, but we recommend eight 250ml glasses per day on average.

Essential Psycho-Physical Relaxation

The mind moves everything. Practicing a hobby such as reading, walking in nature, and taking pictures reduces the stress that often causes an increase in appetite and a greater chance of accumulating fat in the body. A good habit is to “isolate your thoughts” from everyday life and dedicate some time to relaxation:

  • Carve out moments for yourself, perhaps taking a hot bath or indulging in a massage or beauty treatment.
  • Playing sports is excellent if you want to free your mind from worries and vent tensions.
  • Meditating, for example, through yoga, is an activity that combines physical exercise with that of the mind, giving moments of high relaxation.

Relaxation helps to establish a more solid contact with mind and body. It also allows you to cultivate greater inner peace and tranquility. It will therefore be easier to accept yourself for what you are.

A Massage With Many Functions

With the massage, you can get many benefits for the body. The skin relaxes, and with the elimination of dead cells, acquires more excellent elasticity. The best-known effects of massage are relaxation and the elimination of muscle tension: from contractures to trigger points (points of accumulation of stress) created during the day. By eliminating these tensions, the whole organism will benefit from them, favoring the correct functioning and unblocking of the apparatuses blocked by pressures. Massage has numerous other effects on the body that can be useful for improving our body:

  • The draining and liquid displacement action facilitate the elimination of toxins and waste that accumulate in the body by the kidneys.
  • It counteracts the stasis of blood and lymphatic circulation, which is the basis of unsightly pads and cellulite, so hated especially by women.
  • It has a regenerating action to counteract inflammation and edema.
  • It increases the blood flow and decreases the pressure on the blood vessels, helping the heart and improving the oxygenation of all tissues and organs, giving vigor and tone.

Smoking Is The Enemy Of Our Body

Smoking is not only a risk factor for numerous diseases such as tumors, but it is the cause of numerous imperfections :

  • Hair loses vitality, texture and shine. Thick hair can give charm and beauty to the face, and smoking seems to be responsible for the appearance of white hair and premature hair loss.
  • The skin ages, showing wrinkles faster. Aging is a physiological process; however, smoking accelerates its progression due to the induced oxidative stress. Furthermore, the face loses tone and appears more tired due to the modification of the elastic fibers.
  • The teeth lose their characteristic white color, often tending to a yellowish tint or becoming more opaque due to plaque and tartar, which in smokers is more complex and more compact.
  • Nails tend to turn yellow.

Quitting smoking contributes to a clear improvement in well-being in terms of prevention and body beauty.

Get Enough Sleep

It is impossible to give your all the next day when you sleep little. This is evident at first glance from the body language (hunched back, drooping eyelids, dark circles, bags under the eyes) and from the mood. If you want to look rested, especially if you need to fully dedicate yourself to our activities, it is essential to try to sleep 7-9 hours a night and have some attention to nutrition at dinner.

  • At dinner, eat foods that facilitate sleep and go to bed no earlier than 3 hours after the end of the meal, without eating anything before going to bed.
  • The environment where you sleep is essential. First of all, turn off TV, computers, mobile phones and any other instrument that emits electromagnetic waves that significantly disturb sleep.
  • If you cannot fall asleep or sleep is disturbed, you should do relaxation exercises before going to bed and drink herbal teas that promote sleep.
  • If sleep is interrupted due to frequent urination, consult a urologist. In insomnia, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor.

Work On Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem could be the basis for giving up on improving physical appearance. Even if there is no self-esteem problem at the base, the path of change is complicated, so it is essential to always look for the positive side of things and love yourself. Give yourself a whim now and then to reward yourself and emphasize the positive sides of what you are doing. Relating to people positively increases the acceptance of our person in others.

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