Ten Ways To Boost Afro Hair Growth

Many are looking for the growth of their hair for various reasons: a fall, a growth problem, impatience from the cut of the tips or an amount that is too short. There are several methods to help us activate the growth of afros or curly hair, but that’s not all. A good balanced diet, no stress, and good hair maintenance help a lot to see an improvement in growth. A little sport to irrigate the blood does not hurt either.

Vegetable Oils

Some vegetable oils are known to stimulate hair growth; among them and the best known, we find avocado oil, garlic, onion, castor, coconut and mustard. To be applied in an oil bath once a week or in daily care, in your vaporizer, or a scalp massage. Garlic and onion oil are AVOID for sensitive or irritated scalp. Use preferably in the evening, as the smell can be substantial.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is excellent for stimulating blood circulation and helps activate hair growth, as the bulb can breathe better. Using both hands, place the fingers spaced apart on the head, starting at the back of the skull, massage going up slightly to the top, then to the sides, and then to the front. With the pulp of the fingertips, move the skull’s skin gently by making circular movements or in a suction cup to remove the scalp from the head. You can massage yourself every other day, preferably with a vegetable oil that stimulates growth. Avoid shampooing, which will prevent water and product from penetrating the scalp.


Garlic is not only used in cooking; it can also be used in hair care and is well known for activating hair growth. It applies to a localized fall or the entire head. By reducing a few cloves of garlic to a puree, rub on the scalp. The smell can be intense. Please DO NOT use it on a sensitive or irritated scalp. Rinse well or shampoo. It can also be applied in oil or oily macerate, in your vaporizer or an oil bath – macerate a few crushed garlic cloves in a vegetable oil of your choice for at least 24 hours, then filter. Use as a cure.


The onion is also an excellent method to activate hair growth in the event of localized fall or on the whole head. Purée half an onion, apply to the scalp and leave on for a few hours. The smell can be intense. Do NOT APPLY to sensitive or irritated scalp. Rinse well or shampoo. It can also be used in oil or, instead, an oily macerate, in your vaporizer or an oil bath – let macerate a little crushed onion in a vegetable oil of your choice for at least 24 hours, then filter. Use as a cure.

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Ginger is fresh or in essential oil. In new use, mix with a bit of water to extract the juice by filtering. Apply the liquid to the scalp in massage and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Rinse or shampoo. In essential oil, dilute it in a vegetable oil of your choice. To be applied in an oil bath, as a daily treatment or as a scalp massage.


It is found in powder, it is an Indian powder called “Ayurvedic powder”. It is very fashionable among Indian women for beautiful and long hair. It stimulates the root and facilitates growth. The powder is applied as a poultice (mask) to be diluted in water, as an oily macerate or as an infusion. Apply as a poultice before your shampoo once a week. As a cure for a month to a month and a half because it is drying. As an oily macerate, apply in an oil bath as a daily care product or as an infusion for a final rinse when shampooing. This powder tends to darken light hair.

Coconut Milk/Cream

Coconut is known to stimulate growth, but it repairs damaged hair, coconut oil, milk or cream. Concerning the milk and the cream, you have the choice: the cream is thick, and the milk is liquid. They apply a mask before the shampoo. To be carried out as a cure a few times a year.

Scalp Exfoliation

It is essential to exfoliate the scalp for the body, which rids it of dead skin. For the scalp, it is to get rid of accumulated care residues and sebum that would have blocked the pores and clean it thoroughly. The scalp’s pores breathe, let the care that will follow penetrate, and the growth is facilitated. When shampooing with acceptable (kitchen) salt, mix with your usual shampoo and massage the scalp lightly or with a clarifying shampoo to clean the lengths in depth.

Cut The Tips

Wanting to make or see your hair grow is good; you must watch your ends. They are the oldest part of the hair and tend to break down faster and cause split ends to appear. A fork is a split hair; if you don’t cut it, the split goes all the way up the hair, and you’ll have to cut everything. So, to avoid the unintentional shortcut, cut your tips occasionally during the year. Your hair will be rebooted and will be able to grow better. Get a pair of special hair scissors. Banish kitchen scissors, sewing scissors… Scissors already used on materials other than hair could cause new split ends, or at best, simply go to the hairdresser.

Food supplements

Two to three times a year, take a course of dietary supplements. Several kinds of nutritional supplements (growth, hydration, repair). Dietary supplements contain vitamins, minerals, plants and oils as needed to cure for a maximum of 3 months, preferably in spring and autumn. The results begin to be visible after a month. Dietary supplements strengthen hair and nails but in no way replace a dish. Do not forget the importance of a good diet to have good results with any method for the well-being of your hair and yourself.

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