The Perfect Look: The 5 Best Methods For Long, Dream Eyelashes

From eye massages to petroleum jelly: numerous DIY hacks for long, full, dream lashes circulate on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. The problem? Most of these tips are completely ineffective or even harmful to eyelashes and eyes – such as the trend towards lemon juice masks for the hair. Ouch!

If you want longer eyelashes, it is better to use one of the following methods because these can accelerate the growth of the hairs and lengthen them without harming the eyes.

These are the 5 best ways to get longer lashes

1. Remove make-up and protect your eyelashes.

The golden rule for long eyelashes? Always put make-up on your eyes in the evening, because if you go to bed with mascara on, you run the risk of your eyelashes becoming brittle and growing more slowly. A mild cleansing foam or oil for the eyes is recommended for the cleansing routine to protect the hair.

Also very important: never rub off the make-up, which will damage the eyelashes and cost you a few hairs. So it’s better to press the cotton pad gently onto the eye, rinse off mascara and the like and then gently pat dry.

For long, healthy eyelashes, you should only use eyelash curlers or eyelash glue for fake lashes sparingly or even avoid them altogether. These can damage the hairs, dry them out, make them brittle, and disrupt their natural growth.

2. Apply eyelash serum

Eyelash serums are one of the most popular and effective methods of giving eyelashes a volume boost because the liquid formulas are enriched with ingredients that stimulate the growth of the hairs and care for them at the same time.

But caution is advised when choosing your eyelash serum: Many products are based on aggressive active ingredients that accelerate growth rapidly but dry out and damage the eyelashes in the long run. Typically, eyelashes also fall out after using such a serum.

The alternative? Serums based on natural active ingredients à la peptides, vitamins and oils and tested in dermatological studies. If in doubt, you can always consult your dermatologist.

3. Care with castor oil

There are still no studies that natural oils such as castor oil activate the growth of the eyelashes – but they can support beautiful, long and healthy hair. The oil provides valuable moisture, prevents drying out by mascara, make-up remover or harmful environmental influences and nourishes the hair roots with vitamin E and antioxidants.

In short: Castor oil makes the eyelashes grow strong, prevents unusual hairs and gives them a silky shine. The oil is a purely natural care product for eyelashes and does not contain any harmful ingredients from the chemistry laboratory.

4. Try the Lash Lift

Naturalness is the beauty trend topic of the hour – so it is hardly surprising that lash liftings are booming. These ensure naturally long climber eyelashes and are a great alternative to dramatic fake lashes, which look a little artificial and whose adhesive can severely clog the eyelashes.

This is how it works: Lash lifting is a kind of permanent wave for the eyelashes. A chemical solution can be used to reshape their structure – the eyelashes are given an elegant curve (similar to that of an eyelash curler) and appear elongated.

You can also have the hair coloured – for a voluminous mascara look. And the best? The result not only looks supernatural but also lasts for up to six weeks!

But: Of course, lash lifting is not exactly gentle on the eyelashes either. Therefore, we advise you to give them a break of at least six weeks between treatments and pamper their hair with castor oil overnight.

5. Supplements for long eyelashes

Finally, you can support eyelash growth through a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet from the inside out. Omega fatty acids, high-quality proteins, iron, calcium, vitamins B, C and E, are essential nutrients for hair and eyelashes and support their average growth.

High-dose supplements with biotin are also recommended for an extra boost. The beauty vitamin stimulates cell growth and keratin production, which forms the basis for beautiful, long and strong eyelashes.

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