The 5 Best Tips For Everyone Who Finally Wants To Start Running

No matter whether you are a complete beginner or at least an irregular runner: With these 5 tips, you can set the course for your running career.

Every beginning is complex: To make it easier for you to start running regularly, we give you five valuable jogging tips!

Take Walking Breaks

Hardly started and already out of breath? That’s how most people feel at first. New runners, in particular, should not be afraid to take breaks between jogging and walking.

The breaks can even be helpful to gradually get the body used to the heart rate racing up and down again. However, it would help if you didn’t overstrain the stroll and, after a short walk, continue jogging at a slower pace. Alternating between a slow jog and a faster jog also helps avoid giving up entirely out of frustration.

Set Goals

Nobody expects top performance from you right from the start. However, goals help you keep your motivation to jog high.

If you don’t know which goals are realistic for your current condition, you can use plans or an app to help. This allows distances to be tracked and heart rate and running speed.

Training for certain running events can also give you the necessary motivation.

Run-On Track

Jogging is not fun when you’re rushed and out of breath. To make rapid progress and at the same time keep enjoying your new leisure sport, you should first focus on your running distance.

If you can cover the first ten kilometers, you can then move on to the next step: gradually increase the speed you cover the distance.

Off To The Health Check

You don’t feel physically fit? Then it would help if you visited your family doctor before regular running training to avoid injuring yourself later.

But twisted ankles or overstretched ligaments can also happen during training. Therefore, pay attention to your body yourself: stretch extensively, especially after a run!

Also: If you want to run long distances, such as a marathon, you have to be particularly good at preventing injuries. There is no harm in going to the doctor, especially for older runners!

Stay On The Ball

Run three times, and that’s it for the next few weeks? Unfortunately, you won’t get very far while jogging with this attitude.

Running is a cardio sport. Therefore, the success you want to achieve has a lot to do with your condition, and you can only keep pushing it through regular training!

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