The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Coffee: Pros And Cons

Do you know when you don’t know how to choose between two possible ones and make a list of pros and cons? Here is one that lists the advantages and disadvantages of coffee.

Recent news shows that drinking all types of coffee exponentially reduces the chances of developing chronic liver disease or including this pathology among the causes of death. This was the response of a study conducted by a team from the University of Southampton, led by Oliver Kennedy, based on data collected by UK Biobank: on a sample of almost 495,000 people (of which 384,818 coffee drinkers and 109,767 people who do not drink it), with monitoring of 10.7 years, there have been several cases of chronic liver disease or hepatocellular carcinoma and some deaths always from chronic liver disease.

The study found that those who drank coffee had a considerably lower risk than those who did not drink it of contracting this disease and dying from it. According to the analysis, on average, coffee drinkers consumed two cups a day, even if the maximum protective effect is obtained by drinking 3-4 coffees a day. Even those who drank decaffeinated coffee without caffeine were less likely to get chronic liver disease than those who did not drink coffee. This cue allows us to retrace what are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee: you often hear everything and the opposite of everything, so perhaps it may be useful to summarize the benefits and drawbacks (because there are both, and they coexist) determined by the intake of this drink.

Drinking Coffee Is Good: The Advantages

Coffee benefits: are you a lover of this drink, and are you looking for the pros? Coffee is a drink rich in protective substances. Coffee can reduce the possibility of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus by 25% and the chance of developing diabetes mellitus by 27%. Contract Alzheimer’s disease. The commonplace that coffee is bad for the heart has been dispelled because, compared to what was originally thought, if the coffee is filtered and not simply boiled in water, it could have beneficial effects on the quality of cardiovascular circulation, reducing the risk of pathologies.

On the other hand, coffee beans would be rich in properties of anti-free radicals and antioxidants. Caffeine has also been “promoted” by another study conducted by Stanford University, and more precisely by the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation, and Infection, according to which caffeine can block the mechanism of the IL-1-beta protein that determines the triggering inflammatory processes. Other scientific studies, particularly American, such as that of the Boston Children’s Hospital, have shown how caffeine has good healing and pain-relieving potential because it facilitates the arrival of dopamine, the substance that causes pleasure, to the brain, thus reducing the sensation of ache.

Even here, the rule that should be applied to everything applies: you can drink coffee safely and without risk, but it must never be abused. The quantity beyond which not to exceed reaches about 4 cups a day (but 1-2-3 are also just fine). If you have trouble sleeping or are struggling to fall asleep, it is best to avoid coffee and all caffeinated drinks. If you can’t do without it, limit the consumption of this drink to before 12. We conclude this paragraph by summarizing other benefits of coffee, or rather, of caffeine, which also has digestive, tonic, and stimulatory potential: the latter are the ones that come into play when, especially after meals, we have a coffee “to wake up “and rediscover lost energy.

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