The Benefits Of Melatonin

Two world-renowned experts explain the relationship between melatonin and the pineal gland by providing.

Melatonin: Walter Pierpaoli And Savino Marroccoli

Many people resort to using melatonin to counteract various problems or restore harmony to hormonal imbalances that result in various kinds of disturbances, especially those of the sleep-wake cycle. We will learn more about it with two real experts in the sector: Doctor Walter Pierpaoli and Doctor Savino Marroccoli.

The first, born in 1934, graduated in medicine and surgery and specialized in cardiology and immunology. He immediately turned his interest to research so much that he left the clinic to become head of the CNR (National Research Center).

From that moment on, his career as a scientist and researcher was full of successes and prestigious assignments: Atomic energy Commission of the United States, director of the Laboratory of the Center for the Study of Cellular Pathology in Milan, professor, and director in Milan at the Institute of General Pathology, Visiting Scientist at the Medical Research Institute of Davos-Platz Switzerland, Professor on contract at the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Zurich, head of the Laboratories of the Jean Choay Institute in Switzerland and France.

He has published in the most prestigious international scientific journals. He is considered one of the leading experts on full gland function and one of its metabolites, melatonin. Part of his knowledge is published in the book ” The Melatonin Miracle. ” Doctor Marroccolihe graduated in medicine and surgery and specialized in obstetrics and gynecology: he is an expert in classic German homeopathy.

Why Do You Think Zinc-Selenium Melatonin Is Different From The Others And Particularly Effective?

Based on his studies on the pineal gland and its role in the maintenance and determination of biological rhythms, Pierpaoli has formulated a unique product based on melatonin, zinc, and selenium with the release of the nocturnal melatonin peak at youthful levels, with the result of normalizing all immunological, metabolic and endocrine functions.

This formulation is necessary for synchronizing the body’s physiological cycles and can be useful for promoting a correct sleep-wake rhythm. The most common mistake is to attribute the beneficial actions it carries out to melatonin when in reality, the pineal gland is the real creator of these benefits, and melatonin is only the tool through which we can activate the functions of this gland.

So What Are The Functions That The Pineal gland Activates Thanks To Melatonin?

The circadian cycle, based on exposure to light and the rhythm of the pineal gland and its release of melatonin in optimal conditions, allows for complete sleep, which allows the body’s biochemistry to carefully expel all the toxins accumulated during the day through nutrition, work, stress (physical, mental and emotional), pollution, etc.

Above all, it will affect the kidneys, the link between the endocrine and urinary systems, and take care of releasing these toxins to rebalance the body and bring it back to optimal conditions. When the Ricardian cycle is altered, and sleep is not optimal due to an incorrect release of melatonin from the pineal gland, the body cannot expel all the toxins, which, by accumulating, accelerates the aging process.

This is a short list of the functions of zinc-selenium melatonin:

  • Maintenance and protection of pineal gland functions
  • Rebalancing of hormonal, metabolic, and immune functions
  • The maintenance of youthful metabolic conditions
  • Synchronization of the body’s physiological cycles
  • A beneficial action on fatigue and stress
  • The improvement of any conditions of physiological deficiencies
  • The rebalancing of the sleep-wake cycle
  • A significant reduction in jet – lags with a list of benefits obtained thanks to the intake of zinc-selenium melatonin.

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