The Best Nutrition Activities For School Children

The importance of nutrition activities for primary school children is increasingly present due to the increase in childhood obesity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nutrition activities for primary school children are essential due to the growth of childhood obesity. In 1975 it stood at 11 million boys and girls affected, in 2016 there are already 124 million worldwide. And as it seems to indicate, it is a trend that will continue its rise if we do not avoid it.

In order to stop this situation, the importance of carrying out child nutrition activities is highlighted. For this reason, below are activities that can be used to educate children about nutrition.

1. Weekly Feeding Analysis

Do we really know what we eat and how it affects us? To work on it, children are asked to write down their weekly diet. After that, we will ask them to relate the food eaten and its quantity with the group to which they belong. In this way, we will make them compare what is most appropriate versus what they are eating.

2. Elaboration Of The Nutritional Pyramid

Working to create the nutritional pyramid will allow children to become aware of what foods are most convenient for their diet. To this end, one of the nutrition activities for elementary school children is to expose children to the pyramid. Next, we suggest that you build your own. Food should be placed at the base with more frequency of consumption and at the highest level those that are least consumed.

They compare both pyramids and propose to reformulate their own. The goal is to make it as similar as possible to the model nutritional pyramid.

3. Sensory Workshop

Buy a few pieces of organic fruits and vegetables and present them to the students. We will propose that they compare these foods with pieces of fruit and vegetables from conventional agriculture. To do this, they will sell their eyes and point out which foods they have found to be of higher quality.

At the end of the comparison, the tastes and smells experienced will be discussed. In addition, they will be shown the quality of organic products compared to conventional ones.

4. Healthy Cookbook

Children are asked to show us a recipe prepared by someone in their family. Afterward, all the recipes are discussed to decide which are the most appealing, the healthiest, etc. To finish and with what they have learned previously, they must develop a balanced diet with the recipes of their classmates.

5. The Healthy Constitution

To finalize some proposals of nutrition activities for primary school children, the students will now focus on eating habits, consumption of resources, etc.

In this regard, they will be asked to write a common healthy Constitution. This will collect all the ideas and behaviors that the children propose and that favor an adequate diet.

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