Face Massage: The Best Ways To Massage Your Face

Do you want to do something against expression lines? Then you should try this facial Massage for rosy skin and firm contours at home.

Do you still remember the time when your skin easily coped with stressful days and little sleep? Dark circles around the eyes have usually said goodbye after showering and applying lotion, and the face appeared fresh and rosy again in no time.

But from the age of 30 at the latest, our skin resents long, strenuous working days. Our complexion looks pale, and our thoughts and tense expressions are solidified on our faces. In such moments, a facial massage can be excellent. It not only helps to work our care products more thoroughly into the skin. Above all, the tension in the face is relieved, and facial expression lines, which make us look tired quickly, are counteracted.

You do not need an appointment with the beautician for this. Here we tell you how you can easily massage and relax the different parts of your face yourself at home.

Facial Massage: What Effect Does It Have On The Skin?

Anyone who has ever booked a massage or had a friend or partner massage them at home knows that a massage can be very beneficial. The massage releases hardened muscles, relaxes, and helps us to calm down.

However, facial Massage is often underestimated. Our facial muscles are in action around the clock. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking, laughing, or brooding – our facial muscles are always used. Over time, this causes expression lines to appear on the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Five minutes a day are enough to relax the muscles and counteract the development of expression lines.

Our complexion also benefits from a facial massage because the lymph flow and blood circulation in our skin are improved during the Massage. Swellings, e.g., below the eyes, are less noticeable, and the skin appears more radiant overall.

Facial Massage For A Radiant Eye Area

Our eyes and eyebrows have a lot to do with our facial expressions. Therefore, a short break to loosen and relax the eye area is enjoyable.

Here’s How It Works:

Use your ring fingers to massage the delicate skin around your eyes because your index and middle fingers would exert too much pressure here. Start massaging below the eyebrows. Place the ring fingers on either side of the bridge of the nose and gently stroke outwards towards the temples ten times. Then repeat the same movement below the eyes.

The stroking movement allows accumulated fluid to be better removed, and the eyes appear less swollen. By the way, the Massage is enjoyable if you use a cooling eye cream.

Properly Massage Forehead Lines

Many women, in particular, want to get rid of forehead wrinkles . In contrast to laugh lines, they usually make us look grim and older. This is especially true for the frown line that forms between the eyebrows. The older we get, the more visible it is.

You can also fight forehead wrinkles with the proper facial Massage.

Here’s How It Works:

The muscles on the forehead run horizontally. It is essential to follow this natural course during the Massage with gentle stroking movements. Place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the forehead and stroke five times with light pressure up to the temples. Then you move your fingers along the same path in small circular movements.

With the last exercise, you can specifically counteract expression lines. You only need one hand for this. To do this, place the middle finger between the eyebrows and the index finger in the middle of the hairline. Gently pull the skin apart and then massage in a circular motion. Finally, you can smooth out your frown lines. To do this, alternately stroke your index fingers from the bridge of your nose up to the hairline.

Tip: You can increase the effectiveness of the Massage on your skin with a skin-smoothing facial serum or a moisturising night care product. So-called overnight masks are also great, which you can massage into your skin in the evening before going to bed and leave on overnight.

Facial Massage For Firm Cheeks

The cheek area makes up a large part of our face and brings out a rosy, radiant complexion particularly well. We’ll tell you here which technique is best for applying your face cream to tighten the contours of your skin.

Here’s How It Works:

Place your index and middle fingers on either side next to the bridge of your nose. Then gently stroke in a slight upward motion to the temples. Repeat this exercise ten times. The gentle stroking movement stimulates the blood circulation in your skin and ensures that accumulated liquid can be better removed.

Tip: Instead of your fingers, you can use a jade roller for the messages. Place the roller next to the bridge of your nose, just like your fingers, and gently roll it to your temple.

Facial Massage Against Wrinkles Around The Mouth

Laughter lines also appear on their own over time and are natural. Unlike the mimic wrinkles on the eyes and forehead, they don’t usually make us seem grim but rather friendly. Therefore, most women rarely dedicate themselves to this part of the face.

Nevertheless, we can recommend the Massage of the mouth area because it prevents wrinkles and relieves tension in the jaw area.

That’s How It’s Done:

Start on one half of your face. Gently grasp the skin below the ear between the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Now slowly walk along the jawbone over the chin to the other ear. Then you go back the same way. Repeat this massage path 15 times. The movement loosens tense muscles around the mouth and promotes blood circulation in the skin.

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