Dr. Rachel Jones On Hormonal Imbalance, Misinformation, And The Idea Behind The Hormone Clinic

Up until a few decades ago, causes of mental health illnesses were not fully understood. It is only until fairly recently that the medical world has started looking deeper into the inner workings of the human mind. With a sharp aim to help individuals suffering from mental health issues, Dr. Rachel Jones, the founder of The Hormone Clinic, is working hard to introduce hormonal balance into her patients’ lives.

The equilibrium of hormones can be the key to unlocking our mental well-being. After graduating from St. Bartholomew’s Medical College and The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr. Jones became a highly accomplished doctor and clinical psychiatrist. The diverse sets of skills put her in the ideal position to treat patients suffering from mental health problems and regain control of their illness through hormonal replacement therapies at The Hormone Clinic. Being relentless in her ambition and determined to achieve has made her one of the only psychiatric consultants treating mental illnesses through hormonal treatments.

During her time working in the NHS and at Priory Healthcare, Dr. Jones dealt with numerous patients who had hormonal imbalances, with their symptoms manifesting through their effect on the patient’s mental health. It is well-known that hormonal imbalance causes destabilizing symptoms such as anxiety – both generally and in waves of panic, low mood, depression, anger, irrationality, and obsessional thinking. Both men and women can experience these symptoms during menopause or andropause.

What is more, discovering that suicide rate is highest in women in their 50s which coincides with the time of menopause, led Dr. Jones to study the effects of hormonal imbalance in human beings more extensively. She found an alternative treatment for this in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, a completely natural product which is also vegan friendly which is currently working wonders for her patients in the UK.

The concept behind The Hormone Clinic is to provide an outlet for people suffering from hormonally-induced mental illnesses to explore their condition and find an effective and natural treatment for it. Dr. Jones wants to eliminate the misinformation surrounding the hormone-mental well-being discourse that discourages many doctors and healthcare providers from diagnosing their patients accurately. In the future, Dr. Jones wants to spread her treatments globally and be able to help more people nationally and internationally and create a safe space for people to heal and recover.

If you are looking for balance in your life and a place to get the correct information pertaining to hormone balance, click here to visit Dr. Jones’s website.

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