The Ingrown Hair – A Sworn Enemy Of All Men

Since the man has hairs, there is one that poses a problem. It is the ugly duckling of hairs: I named, the ingrown hair. More than all the others, he embodies rebellious hair, the one who can put bad hair on us, the one who hurts. If you have a minimum of body hair, you have to face this type of hair.

Often without knowing it, you thought you had a pimple, a small infection, or even a tick. Yet it is indeed the ingrown hair that made his own. The big question of the day is how to recognize an ingrown hair? At the same time, it is important to know how to deal with it and how to protect yourself from it. A vast subject that deserves a few minutes of attention.

In Which Area Of The Body Does Ingrown Hair Appear?

First of all, by definition, this hair does not appear (because it grows under the skin). Its tip does not manage to pierce the epidermis: it bends to continue to push but under the skin, as mentioned previously. Ingrown hair can land at any time on hairy areas of your body and more generally those that are subject to shaving or hair removal. So I think of the face with the beard, the armpits, the legs, the private parts. in short wherever you wax.

That said, be careful, because the ingrown hair can also appear where you do not expect it and where you do not wax. I am thinking in particular of the navel area, the eyebrows or the gluteal sulcus. In the latter case, it can cause a pilonidal cyst, an inflammation around the ingrown hair that more often resembles an ingrown tree than anything else. In this case, you must go through the surgical operation box to permanently remove the problem hairs. I know the subject very well and I do not wish anyone to have this kind of concern because the post-operative care and the healing is often very long.

You will understand, whether on shaved areas, shaved or not, ingrown hair can appear anywhere without warning.

How To Recognize An Ingrown Hair?

The hair, when embodied under the skin, will form a kind of red, hard, and painful pimple. Our first reflex is to think that it is just an acne pimple and that it is enough to press it to eliminate it and not to hurt anymore. No, you will quickly realize that it is something much more painful in the end.

When it arrives at the level of beard hair, it is often problematic because the ingrown person is often visible and red like a button. So it’s not very aesthetic.

The Different Styles Of Ingrown Hair

There are indeed several styles of ingrown hair.

  • The one who came out but came to plant himself in the skin like a pickaxe head.
  • The one who is under the skin and who always grows there. It will form a painful lump.
  • The one who tried to go out but still pushes just below the thin stratum corneum. You can sometimes see it and catch it with the well-disinfected tweezers.
  • Finally, the last resembles the previous except that he managed to get the tip of his nose out.

How To Prevent Its Appearance?

Regarding the beard, I invite you to read my dedicated article: How to avoid ingrown hairs in the beard? In general, I give you 9 useful tips to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs in the beard with, among other things: deep cleansing of the face, an effective shaving routine but also everything that is important to do after shaving.

For the rest of the body, I invite you this very practical article on ingrown hair >> You will find there I think all the answers to your questions concerning this scourge that we must all fight. This is a particularly sensitive subject for us men, but it is also for all women who shave and shave. So if you want to be beautiful and smooth this summer on the beach, take good care of your skin.

How To Remove Ingrown Hair Under The Skin?

No need to try to pierce the skin or extract the hair. You risk getting bad, indelible scars. Above all, remember to properly disinfect the area of ​​the hair in question and wait for it to make its hole before going out. If it’s too painful and repetitive, consider consulting a dermatologist. This will help you treat the cyst and prevent new ingrown hairs from appearing.

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