The Properties Of The Octopus, A Tasty Ally For Health

We now know the difference between octopus as well as all the tricks to boil it to perfection and serve it cooked to perfection. But do you know in what period you can fish or the most suitable backdrops? Or how to make its meat more tender?

The Characteristics Of The Octopus

The octopus ( Octopus Vulgaris ) is an octopod cephalopod. That is to say, it has eight tentacles, unlike the squid and cuttlefish, which have ten and are consequently defined as decapods. The body has the shape of a wrinkled sac with numerous tubercles, while the tentacles are provided with suckers and, when extended, can be between 50 and 150 cm long. The color can change according to the state of rest or excitement of the animal, ranging from gray to yellowish with brown-green patches.

Octopus fishing runs from November to March throughout the Mediterranean basin, while, if purchased frozen or frozen, it can also come from the Atlantic. Finally, it is interesting to distinguish two types of octopus: the rock has two rows of suckers on each tentacle and very delicious meat, while the sand one has only one row of suckers, the tentacles are much longer and thinner, and its flesh is much less valuable.

Octopus: Properties And Nutritional Values

Octopus is also a good source of magnesium, which is helpful for muscle health and for counteracting migraines. “This mineral,” explains the nutritionist, “is important for the bones, to which calcium and phosphorus levels contribute.” The interviewee also remembers the excellent supply of iron, useful in case of anemia, and the presence of selenium, essential for adequately functioning the body’s metabolism.

Not everyone knows that octopus is also rich in vitamins: in particular, there is the presence of vitamin A, essential for the health of the skin and sight, and vitamin B12, necessary for the production of red blood cells and the formation of the marrow. Bone. This is why this fish is particularly recommended for those who follow low-calorie and slimming diets, also taking into account the low intake of fat and the abundance of connective tissue, with a high satiating power.”

Beware Of Contraindications: When To Avoid Consumption?

The nutritional profile of the octopus is therefore fascinating. Still, it is essential to underline what the contraindications can be immediately and the cases to avoid consumption. “Those suffering from hyperuricemia and gout for purine content, for example, should not include it in the diet.” Secondly, although it is low in calories, octopus is not an easily digestible food. Therefore, the doctor explains that it is not recommended for those suffering from digestive difficulties or before practicing physical activity.

Furthermore, she reminds us that cases of allergic reaction are not rare, so it is always recommended to introduce it into the baby’s diet after a certain period from weaning. “Since the octopus can have the parasite Anisakis,” concludes the nutritionist, “it must always be cooked very well, and particular attention must be paid if it is eaten raw. It may also contain methyl-mercury, but it should be noted that being a small animal, the quantity that can accumulate is unlikely to be significant and therefore dangerous to health. ”

How To Choose And Store Octopus

Let’s come, therefore, to the octopus in the kitchen. Doctor Evangelisti explains, first of all, how to recognize a quality octopus, which you must present:

  • Lively and intense color
  • The firm appearance of the meat
  • The scent of the sea

On the contrary, some elements must not be present, such as:

  • Tentacles hanging limply
  • Depigmentation
  • Dark spots
  • A flabby texture and ammonia smell

Once cleaned, the octopus should be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight plastic tray for 24 hours. Frozen in the freezer lasts about three months if well stored in the appropriate bags, but once defrosted, it must then be consumed quickly. A trick remembered by the interviewee about conservation is that, if vacuum-packed, the octopus can last up to twice as long.

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