The Ultimate Guide To Waxing At Home

In the wake of enduring a couple of side-effects of waxing and shaving (ingrown hairs, redness, disturbance, and too rapid hair development), we were keen on various strategies to dispose of our undesirable hair. What’s more, considering that laser hair expulsion in the salon isn’t modest (count up to €200 per meeting), the elective we have found is super durable hair evacuation at home.

Body hair is a characteristic and typical thing; you shouldn’t feel you need to eliminate it if you would rather not; it’s an individual decision. However, we’re here to assist you with venturing by step, assuming that laser hair evacuation requests to you and you fear doing it at home. Figure out all that there is to be aware of hair evacuation at home.

Laser and Serious Beat Light (IPL) hair expulsion is a drawn-out methodology to postpone hair regrowth. They work much the same way and are both exceptionally compelling. As well as keeping hairs from recovering, both treatment techniques can diminish the rate at which remaining inches come back and their thickness.

The two of them work on a similar guideline. In other words, light intensity is shipped off the skin’s surface through light energy streaks and upsets the development of hair follicles. This dials back hair regrowth. The fundamental distinction between laser and beat lightweight hair evacuation gadgets is the light source utilized. Beat light proposes a wide range of noticeable light, while laser hair expulsion uses the properties of a laser.

How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL represents Extreme Beat Light and uses a comprehensive range of noticeable light sources. This light is extraordinarily controlled to dispense with more limited frequencies and is intended to target graphic designs. In epilation, it sends a blaze of extraordinary light which is consumed by the melanin of the hair, while when used to treat different issues, for example, varicose veins or vascular bugs, it targets hemoglobin in the blood. . The light energy is ingested, moved as nuclear power and goes to the hair roots to eradicate them.

Benefits of IPL hair removal

A wide range of light spreads commonly; the regions treated by a beat light gadget are more critical than those treated by a laser gadget. This, consequently, implies that the treatment will be quicker because bigger sizes can be dealt with simultaneously. Even with the faster treatment time, these gadgets are, by and large, less expensive, yet you might require more meetings to accomplish similar outcomes.

Beat light is a wide range of light that can be utilized for various skin issues and is exceptionally compelling. It can likewise be expressly adjusted to match additional skin and hair types. For instance, a variation of IPL called VPL, representing Variable Beat Light, has been created. The variable beat light makes it conceivable to adjust the boundaries of the weak heartbeats to all the more likely adjust to the skin and hair of the client she wishes to treat. To be sure, the designers perceive that besides the fact that different skin tones have different hair evacuation needs.

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How To Prepare Your Skin Before An IPL Treatment

A good exfoliation before an IPL treatment helps remove dead skin cells, which could block light penetration. You will need to shave the area you wish to treat. We recommend doing this on wet skin with a quality razor.

Tips For Using An IPL Device

Set the alarm on your phone, so you remember to perform your weekly treatments. You will need to do regular hair removal sessions with your pulsed light device at first to ensure that the regrowth of hair follicles is indeed slowed down. Moisturize your skin well after each treatment to rehydrate it. Use a moisturizer or body oil to keep your skin soft and supple.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal also heats the hair follicles to damage their hairs. It is slightly different from pulsed light because it uses the specific properties of lasers. Lasers can be highly controlled to focus on a small area and travel a great distance without spreading like light normally would. They can also produce beams that contain only one color of light. These characteristics can therefore be used for the benefit of laser hair removal. The laser penetrates deeper into the pore, which sends a concentrated flash of light to the follicle and can therefore be more specific in the treatment performed.

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

The nature of lasers means that these hair removal devices can focus light into the skin’s pores, getting closer to the follicle to treat it better and prevent regrowth. Laser hair removal generally results much faster than IPL hair removal because the isolated hairs are heated to optimum temperatures more quickly. Therefore, you will need fewer treatments to achieve the same results.

Since the laser is more precise, laser hair removal is better suited for darker skin. This is because darker skin absorbs more light than lighter skin due to the amount of melanin (pigment) it contains, just as darker hair absorbs more light than golden hair. The laser’s smaller sandy areas are better suited to treating people with darker skin as they significantly reduce the risk of burns compared to pulsed light. That said, some IPL devices are suitable for use on darker skin.

Does It Hurt?

Opinions differ regarding the laser. Users can control the intensity of the diode laser. On the highest settings, some users may feel the sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin or a stinging sensation, while others hardly feel anything. Pulsed light also varies by user. Since IPL uses different wavelengths in each pulse and evenly diffuses onto the skin, some users may experience discomfort.

For Who?

It is essential to ensure that using an IPL or laser device is safe for you and your skin type. You can learn more by reading our article on the Fitzpatrick scale. Dark hair and fair skin are ideal for many of these devices. Many don’t work if your skin is dark or your hair is light (blonde, gray, white, or red). Be sure to read the user manual carefully, where you will find all the necessary instructions, including where you can and cannot use the devices.

The Best IPL Devices

SmoothSkin Pure Pulsed Light Epilator

SmoothSkin Pure is the most powerful IPL device available on the market, with 14 intensity settings and 130 flashes per minute for fast and effortless results. Choose from 3 treatment modes for personalized treatments. Power Mode offers the highest intensity, perfect for treating the bikini line or underarms. The Speed ​​Mode lets you quickly treat large areas, such as the legs or the body.

Select Gentle Mode for more sensitive areas; the treatment is just as effective, but the energy production is more comfortable and lower. SmoothSkin Pure automatically scans the treatment area to select the best light intensity based on your skin tone for long-lasting, salon-quality results. With unlimited flashes and a built-in UV filter, this device packs enough power to last a lifetime of treatments.

It can be used on the legs, face, armpits, and bikini. You can expect to see results in just 12 weeks. Plus, you’ll only need to perform treatments to maintain the results you’ve achieved every 4-8 weeks, which means you can throw your razors in the trash. We’re so confident you’ll love the results of your SmoothSkin device that we’re offering a 90-day money-back guarantee.

SmoothSkin Bare Pulsed Light Epilator

This super-fast device is designed to fit your busy schedule so that you can treat your whole body in 10 minutes. The SmoothSkin Bear transfers light energy through the skin’s surface with 100 flashes per minute. The Bare+ is the fastest IPL hair remover on the market, and you will see results in just four weeks. And you’ll only need to use it every 2-4 weeks to maintain the results you’ve achieved.

Philips Lumea Prestige SC1997 Epilator

The Philips Lumea uses IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to slow hair regrowth. It sends light flashes to the root of the hair at different growth cycle stages, gradually reducing your natural hairiness. This salon standard technology has been funneled into a simple, portable device to make it easy to use at home. Its built-in SmartSkin sensor tells you the best setting for your skin type. It is a complete solution, ready to use, without needing to buy refill cartridges or gels.

Silk’n Infinity 400,000 Pulsed Light Epilator

Silk’n combines world-renowned HPL technology with galvanic and optical energies. These energies are integrated for more effective hair removal. Working together with five power levels, they open the skin’s pores to allow light to reach the hair follicles without the risk of pain, irritation, or ingrown hairs.

This means you can remove hair almost twice as fast, and a complete body treatment takes less than 20 minutes. With 400,000 light pulses, no need for replacement cartridges. The Silk’n Infinity is suitable for all skin tones, including the darkest skin tones and almost all hair colors. This includes red, blond, and gray hair. It also contains a unique built-in skin tone sensor, which prevents the device from emitting a solid light pulse if it is too dark. Thanks to the intelligent safety mechanism, the light is only emitted in contact with the skin.

Sensica SensiLight Mini RPL Epilator

Pulsed light is one of the best-known hair reduction methods used in hair removal devices. Sensica takes this technology further by combining IPL technology with unique sensors to create RPL technology. These sensors continuously analyze your skin to determine your needs and guarantee effective, fast, and risk-free care. Designed to ensure total safety, these sensors automatically stop the treatment if your skin tone is too dark or tanned.

RPL technology works by emitting pulses of light toward the follicles. The melanin then absorbs the light energy in the hairs, which produces heat and causes the strand to coagulate. This clinically proven technology reduces hair growth effortlessly. Shave the area to be treated before you begin, then choose from one of three power levels. Then follow the recommended treatment program depending on the site to be treated. It’s that simple!

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