These 6 Pieces Of Clothing Will Instantly Make You More Attractive

Please don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly turns their heads to you: These six things make you immediately more attractive from a purely scientific point of view.

Is your closet full, and you still have nothing to wear? Do we know! Why not fish something out of the closet that makes you look even more attractive from a purely scientific point of view? Because studies have proven which six things we should rely on when we need a little extra ego push.

High Heels

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior not only confirms that men find women in heels more attractive, but it also states that the higher a woman’s heels are, the more open and helpful men are also towards a woman.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Scientists from the University of New South Wales have found that men are particularly attracted to women who show a lot of skin on their shoulders and arms. How practical that off-the-shoulder tops are among the trend pieces for summer.

Dresses That Flatter Your Figure

When it comes to form-fitting dresses that conjure up a curvy hourglass silhouette, we women tend to faint. But men do too: A study published in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” shows that women with a larger waist-to-hip ratio attract attention more quickly than very slim, not so curvy women. The ideal waist-to-hip balance is 0.7. The value is calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference. These parts put the hourglass in the limelight.

The Little Black Dress

Several studies have concluded that black is associated with sex appeal, confidence, and intelligence in women.


Wearing lipstick is known to make women feel good. The science confirms this: In a study, scientists from the French University found out that waitresses who wore red lipstick received significantly more tips from male customers than their colleagues without lipstick.

What makes women attractive who are not your type?

The Color Red

We already knew that the color of love, passion, and romance is beautiful to men. This was scientifically confirmed by a study from The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Do you already have something red in your closet?

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