Please Note: These Are The Five Most Crucial Autumn Trend Colours

You can rely on autumn. He comes back every year. And how could it be otherwise? It reliably ensures an exciting colour change. On the one hand, nature is changing. On the other hand, fashion is rearranging itself. We introduce you to the five most essential trend colours for autumn 2022.

And the groundhog says hello every day… It’s time for a change of season. Surprise! And that means that of course – like every year – we give our beloved summer dresses and sandals a pause so that we can fully immerse ourselves in the new fashion trends for autumn 2022. And there are, how could it be otherwise, many of them!

Not only are the shops full of new cuts and materials, but there’s also a lot going on in colour. So that you don’t lose track of the mountains of textiles, we present the five most extensive trend colours for autumn 2022. This allows you to narrow down your selection a bit if you like.

Fall Colour Trend: Brown

Regarding favourite colours, brown probably has a bad chance of being at the forefront. At least so far. Slowly but surely, the unloved shade is paving its way and dares to come out of hiding in 2022 to present itself confidently on the fashion stage.

Braun wasn’t present for a long time but now seems to be overrunning the fashion industry full force. Brown is not just brown. The colour fans out in many nuances – from sand, camel, and caramel to taupe, mocha, or chocolate. Braun also has sympathy points if you take a little excursion into the world of colour psychology. Brown is an earth colour representing protection, naturalness, and security. If you look at fashion as a mirror of society, we currently long for precisely these values.

Tip: Brown is already being hyped as the new black everywhere. Just like black, you can combine brown with any colour. The Difference: Brown softens your style. Intense shades such as pink or azure appear softer in combination with brown. A harmonious picture is also created with pastel nuances.

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Autumn Trend Colour: Pink

We’re seeing pink if we’re currently scrolling through our Instagram feed. The colour doesn’t even have to beg to be seen. It simply has such an intense luminosity that attention flies to it quickly.

Of course, there are reasons why pink is suddenly a trend colour again and is hugely hyped. One of them is called Valentino. Over half of the luxury fashion label’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection consists of pink designs. The creations were presented as all-over looks on the catwalk. Since then, everyone has been going crazy and wants a piece of pink cake.

Pink gets another big boost from the long-awaited Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, which will be released in cinemas next year. Here colour is the main protagonist of the so-called ‘Barbiecore trend.’

Tip: Pink works great all over, but just as well as a small splash of colour. If you don’t want to throw yourself into the bright shade from head to toe, go for just one piece or add a pink accessory to your look. By the way: pink goes well with the entire colour palette.

Autumn Trend Colour: Orange

Orange is a trendy colour. Point. Even if it can shine just as brightly as pink – if you like – there isn’t such a beautiful or vivid story behind the current success of the nuance. No designer label has made orange the lone star of its collection for autumn and winter 2022. Instead, they use the colour partially – some more, others less.

As mentioned, orange can light up but does not necessarily have to be a signal tone. Orange can also be a bit calmer, powdery, and more delicate. In the dear colour psychology, orange is a happy, refreshing, and mood-enhancing tone. Orange makes you happy!

Tip: Of course, orange can also be worn as a complete look. But it doesn’t have to be because the colour works just as well if it only acts as a dab. The combination with brown, for example, is super lovely and pleasantly calm. It gets louder with pink.

Fall Colour Trend: Khaki

Olive green, greenish-brown or greenish yellow – khaki is a colour everyone describes differently. Strictly speaking, it consists of 80% yellow and 20% black. However, the earth colour is in demand this fall.

While the colour trend has been splashing along calmly and relaxed in recent years (as khaki is also described in colour psychology), the tone of 2022 is stepping on the gas again. We’ve felt like we’ve always had a khaki-colored parka hanging in our closet as a reliable partner, haven’t we? This season, however, you are welcome to exchange it for a quilted jacket or coat – oversized, please.

Tip: Khaki always goes with black, grey, and denim. White gives khaki-colored pieces a kick of freshness. Also mega: khaki in combination with pink, orange or yellow.

Fall Colour Trend: Grey

What do we get when we mix black and white? Exactly – grey! Isn’t that a dull, monotonous, and conservative shade? I can’t say that in general. Viewed positively, grey always stands for reliability, stability, and restraint. When it comes to fall and winter styles, it’s not just about being noticed at all costs. Grey is not a colour that attracts everyone’s attention. But she doesn’t have to. The colour can bring a certain calmness to outfits. The grey looks are suitable for everyday use and always work great in the office.

The fact that grey is an autumn colour trend in 2022 does not come out of the blue, of course. Luxury fashion labels such as Céline, Prada, and Gucci have included the colour in their autumn and winter collections. Two items of clothing in grey are top-rated: blazers and jeans.

Tip: tone-on-tone outfits can look super cool. Be sure to combine different shades of grey with each other. However, grey does not necessarily insist on staying alone. On the contrary, the tone is adaptable and the perfect base to make different shades big. Neutral looks are created with black, white, or brown. Pink, orange, yellow, or pastel tones bring grey out of its shell.

Something Important At The End:

The colours listed are trending in autumn 2022. Of course, not everyone likes trends. And they don’t even have to. They can guide you or inspire you. Ultimately, you decide what you like and how you want to dress. Fashion allows you to underline your personality. It is essential that you feel comfortable and do not disguise yourself.

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