These Three Spices Will Instantly Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Can’t get the thought of chocolate out of your mind? Instead of the candy cupboard, you should rather reach for the spice rack. It contains true craving tamers that curb your cravings immediately.

Who doesn’t know it: the almost irrepressible appetite for sweets. Cravings often come on suddenly and can only seem to be satisfied with a good portion of treats.

But reaching for chocolate, gummy bears, and the like again and again can not only thwart the best diet. Health can also suffer from sugar consumption.

Avoid Excessive Sugar Intake

Because many processed foods, such as baked goods, beverages, and sauces, contain lots of added sugar. The recommended maximum daily intake (10 percent of total energy intake) is easily reached and exceeded.

Luckily, some healthy foods will make you forget those cravings and curb your sweet cravings instantly. And they still taste good!

These three spices are real craving tamers:

Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

This delicious spice not only refines some dishes, but it is also really healthy! Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar level – goodbye cravings for sweets.

Several studies show that cinnamon lowers insulin levels and that body fat is broken down instead of sugar in the blood.

Cinnamon also lowers LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Important to know: There are two different types of cinnamon. The “real” Ceylon cinnamon from India and Sri Lanka and the cheap Cassia cinnamon from China.

Cassia cinnamon is mainly processed in the food industry. However, it contains a high concentration of harmful coumarin, so it should not be more than two grams of cinnamon a day.

On the other hand, if you rely on Ceylon cinnamon, your consumption can be higher.

Licorice Root Instead Of Candy

Not only is this plant the key ingredient in liquorice, but it is also said to have many health benefits. Not for nothing was the medicinal plant of the year 2012.

The root can also help you with an unbridled appetite for sweets. You can chew it like chewing gum or suck it like a lollipop. Alternatively: Pour a liquorice tea!

At the same time, the contained amorfrutins demonstrably lower the blood sugar level, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and improve insulin resistance. However, you have to consume large amounts of licorice to use the effects of amorfrutins therapeutically.

Turmeric Miracle Cure

Turmeric is a true all-around talent anyway. The contained curcumin, which is extracted from the root, is not only anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory, it also fights your appetite for sweets.

Because the intake lowers the blood sugar level, which regulates the release of insulin – so ravenous hunger does not arise in the first place.

At the same time, turmeric has a digestive effect, as the ingredients stimulate the liver to release more bile acids, which bind the dietary fats and make them digestible.

To get the maximum benefit from curcumin, you should always take turmeric with some oil and black pepper- this significantly improves its bioavailability.

Spice Yourself Up And Be Healthy

Ideally, you don’t just grab the spices when you’re hungry, but at least integrate cinnamon and turmeric into your everyday diet.

Your body benefits the most from regular, long-term intake, and after all, it tastes good too.

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