Which Colours Go Together? This Is How You Combine Colourful Clothes Correctly!

We’ll tell you which colours go well together and which shades suit who! This year you can let off steam with colours because the cute ones like pink, yellow, and orange are among the trend colours.

By the way, it is Because colourful tones can influence our mood. A strong, warm orange is considered the ‘lucky colour.’ According to colour researchers, this should have the most positive effect on our mood. Black and dark brown tones, on the other hand, have a depressing effect on us.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to steer clear of grey, brown, or black. Dark colours can also bring shine and the wardrobe with the right colours. But a combination of bright hues is far more refreshing than a look dominated by dark hues.

Of course, just any colour combination is not an option. Just because the colour orange puts us in a good mood and our passion is in bright pink, this mixture does not result in a winning combination when it comes to our look. Or maybe yes? We’ll tell you which colours really go together and how you can easily combine the coolest trend colours.

By the way: You can find more information about the colour wheel and complementary colours in our fashion special on the best colour combinations. Nothing can go wrong with our tips.

Styling Tips: Which Colours Go Together?

The bad news first: A blanket answer to the question ‘Which colours go together?’ there is not any. Because the perception of colour is something highly subjective. On the one hand, tastes are different: what one person likes, another finds horrible. Second, people see colours differently. The phenomenon ‘ Dressgate ‘ provided evidence.

The second problem: every colour exists in a wide variety of nuances. Let’s take red as an example: There isn’t just ONE red, but countless shades of red, all of which have very different effects. Depending on the nuance, very different colours go together.

Combine Red And Pink: The Trend Combination Is So Beautiful

Many styling experts believed a few years ago: red and pink? These colours don’t match. Stay away from the colour combo. Today (fortunately!), that is no longer the case. Many women now combine red and pink in their outfits – but there are also more and more patterns in which red and pink appear together. These outfits prove how cool this eye-catching colour combination can look!

Pink, Pinker, Girly: What Colours Go With Pink?

Pink is known to be the favourite colour of all little girls. There are a few rules to follow to ensure that the lovely colour does not look too girly in adulthood. But you can’t go wrong with the following colour combinations:

  • Olive green and pink: The dark shade of green with a masculine touch makes a great combination with a lovely or strong pink.
  • Grey and pink: Always a good basis for colour combinations with contrasts and a nice change from classic black.
  • Beige or camel: It makes a soft but cheerful colour combination with pink.

So much for no-go: For anyone who still has doubts, here’s more proof that red and pink is THE winning combo par excellence.

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Attention Signal Colour: Which Colours Go Well With Red?

Red is a signal colour. Depending on taste and personal style, different shades of red can create contrast or be discreet: Bright red gives the outfit a boost, especially when combined with light colours such as white, light grey, or beige. Dark red tones look very elegant with muted tones, but also (as we have already seen) create a great effect with bright colours such as pink.

The following colours almost always go well with red:

  • Light shades of brown through to beige and camel
  • Neutral colours like grey and black
  • Dark shades of blue or green
  • Cheerful contrasting colours such as pink, purple, or orange (for courageous women who want to show their colours)

Here are more styling tips for the colour red: Which colour goes well with red? This is how you combine red clothes correctly.

Self-Test: Which Colour Suits Me?

Even more important than the question ‘What colours go together?’ is the question: ‘ Which colour suits me? ‘ Because a tone that looks great on your girlfriend can turn you white as a sheet. The reason: Depending on the colour of our skin, hair, and eyes, we belong to different colour types. A rough distinction is made between warm and cold colour types.

You can easily find out which colour type you belong to with a test. First, hold gold jewellery and then silver jewellery close to your face. What colour makes your face shine? Which makes your skin look pale and sallow? If gold goes better with your complexion and hair colour, you belong to the warm colour types. If silver makes you shine, you are a cold colour type.

This Is How You Distinguish Cold And Warm Colours

Cold colour types – the autumn and winter types – should also use cold colours, i.e., colours with a blue tinge. These include, for example, ultramarine blue, blue-violet, grey-blue, pink, turquoise, or blue-green. But pure white, silver, and black are also cold colours. And: There are even cold shades of red, such as cherry red. Here you will find make-up and styling tips for the winter type.

You can recognize warm colours because they have a red cast. These include, for example, mustard yellow, orange, rusty red, apricot, or berry tones. Natural tones such as beige, olive green, brown tones, or earth tones are also great for warm colour types such as the spring type or the summer type.

As you can see, colours are a very complex subject. But the good news is: that there is no banned list for colour combinations. So dear girls, be brave and combine wildly! You will gradually get a feel for matching colour combinations. And so you can answer the question ‘What colours go together?’ ultimately answer it yourself.

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