This Will Help With Heat-Related Pimples And Rashes

Does the skin itch after exercise and suddenly develop a rash on the upper body? These can be heat rashes. So they disappear again.

It’s not fair: It’s finally hot and sunny again, the best weather for t-shirts and swimming trunks, you’re doing sports, and suddenly they’re there – tiny itchy pimples that spoil your summer mood.

Don’t worry. Most of them are harmless heat rashes, completely harmless, but still annoying. In the following, we reveal a few tips on how to get rid of them quickly and, above all, permanently.

How Do Heat Rashes Arise In The First Place?

The high season is particularly hot when it is hot in summer, the humidity is high, and you sweat. Then the tiny vesicles or red pustules sprout on the skin.

“Heat pimples are called miliaria in the technical jargon and, in the simplest case, are accumulations of sweat under the surface of the skin that blocks the opening of the sweat gland and thus lead to inflammation,” explains Dr. Michaela Arens-Corell, head of the medical-scientific department at Sebapharma, “They occur when you sweat heavily when the sweat cannot evaporate under impermeable clothing or in skin folds.”

Are There Different Heat Bubbles?

Yes, dermatologists differentiate between two different types of heat pimples:

  • Miliaria crystalline: They are located on the upper layer of the skin and are usually filled with liquid. These mostly colorless heat rashes typically disappear quickly.
  • Miliaria Rubra: In this type of heat rash, the pores in the deeper layers of the skin are clogged and become noticeable as small, red pimples that are more stubborn. This form is particularly annoying because the skin around the heat rash is often reddened and inflamed and, above all, itches uncomfortably. But don’t worry: As uncomfortable as the pimples are and as unsexy as they look, they are completely harmless and not contagious from a medical point of view.

What Is The Difference Between Heat Rash And A Sun Allergy?

“Sun allergies occur where the skin is exposed to the sun, whereas heat rashes only occur where the skin is covered by clothing or in wrinkles,” explains Dr. Arens-Corell, “This is why sunscreen only protects against sun allergies, but not against heat pimples.” Parts of the body where there are many sweat glands, i.e., under the armpits, in the chest area, and between the shoulder blades, are particularly predestined for the itchy tormentors.

What Helps Against Itchy Heat Rashes?

These tips will help make heat rash go away quickly:

  • Gently clean the affected skin areas with a mild, preferably pH-neutral shower gel without perfume additives under lukewarm water so that the pores become free again and the excess sweat can drain away.
  • “Cooling helps,” says Dr. Arens-Corell. Avoid the sun, heat, and sweaty activities and stay in the shade so that the affected areas of the skin stay cool and dry. Nourishing, fragrance-free moisturizing sprays help cool the skin.
  • Wear breathable clothing, preferably made of cotton or linen.
  • Avoid sweaty drinks and foods. So stay away from coffee, alcohol, hot spices, and extensive meals.

What Helps If The Rash Is Uncomfortably Itchy?

” Zinc ointments and shaking mixtures from the pharmacist as well as the powder can reduce the worst itching,” says Dr. Arens-Corell. Make sure to resist the urge to scratch the itchy areas of the skin. Otherwise, the heat rash can become infected, bacteria have an easy job and can cause infections.

Usually, medication and a doctor’s visit are not necessary for heat rash. The expert: “However, if the rash and itching worsen, a dermatologist can prescribe anti-allergy medication to reduce itching, so-called antihistamines, or hydrocortisone .”

Should I See A Doctor For A Heat Rash?

“If it repeatedly occurs or for a long time, if the heat rashes are red, severely inflamed, severely itchy, or if there are signs of a skin infection, you should consult a dermatologist,” advises Dr. Arens-Corell.

How Do I Prevent Skin Irritation In Summer?

If you know that you are prone to prickly heat, here are some things to watch out for in the hot season:

  • In the morning, clean the affected areas, where pustules often form, particularly thoroughly with a mild shower gel to open the pore ducts optimally. Pay particular attention to skin folds. Sweat builds up remarkably quickly in them. In combination with friction and heat, inflammatory pimples often develop there.
  • Avoid clothing made of synthetic fibers in the heat. The heat quickly builds up underneath. Breathable materials such as cotton or linen are better.
  • Use light sun fluids without perfumes or preservatives, which could further irritate the skin.

Don’t let nasty heat rashes spoil your sport in summer. Wear breathable clothing, avoid skin-irritating cleansing and sun gels, and stay in the shade after showering. Then the itchy summer spoilers have no chance this year.

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