The Three Best Essential Massage Devices

What could be more relaxing than an extensive massage from your partner after a long and active day? Hardly anything. No partner? No problem! A massager is everything you need when it comes to self-love – at least almost. True to the motto: Treat yourself! A massager gives unconditionally the warmth, attention and relaxation that one deserves.

1. “Deluxe Shiatsu” Foot Massager From Homedics

Granted, feet aren’t the sexiest part of the body. And as nice as a foot massage is, you don’t like doing it to other people. We can now leave that to the machines – the foot massager from the manufacturer Homedics kneads the feet in Shiatsu style while we are in the home office or while we are relaxed looking at films and books. I’ve tested it and so much beforehand – this device is essential for the home office.

Foot massage at the push of a button: This is how you use the Shiatsu massage device

The use of the Shiatsu massager is very easy: Make yourself comfortable on your favourite armchair or couch, pick up a good book or switch on your favourite series. Then place the foot massager in front of the armchair, plug in the plug and place your feet on the designated areas. The pampering program can begin!

Briefly check the operating instructions and off you go: press once and the massage buttons start moving in the style of Shiatsu massage, press a second time and your feet are also pampered with a warming function.

By the way, you shouldn’t stand on the device, this can damage the sensitive massage buttons.

Foot massager in the test: my conclusion

At first, the vibration of the small massage rollers tickles a bit. But that quickly evaporated and then relaxation spreads. At the latest when the heat function (which, for my taste, could get a little warmer) is switched on, you would never want to switch the device off again.

Criticisms: The roles that are used in the Shiatsu foot massage are a bit hard and the electric masseur should be switched off after 15 minutes – it can be used as often as you like.

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2. Neck Massager From Beurer

Next, I tested the Beurer electric neck massager. The U-shaped device is designed to imitate the pressure and kneading movement of a real massage with rotating kneading drums and clamping knots. My hope: Tensions in the shoulders and back that arise all too quickly in the home office are released. But does the device keep what it promises?

Neck Massager – The Advantages At A Glance:

  • Works as a massage of the shoulders, neck, back, but also other parts of the body such as the legs
  • Has two-speed levels with which the massage intensity can be determined
  • Has a heating function
  • The direction of movement can be controlled

This Is How The Application Works

The manufacturer promises a “simple application”. But at first glance, this massage device looks a bit more complex in comparison – of course, not only are feet kneaded here but the entire shoulder and neck area. The neck massager is even suitable for the back and thighs.

There are a total of four buttons on the surface of the neck masseur: One to switch on, one button to control the left or right rotation of the kneading rollers, one button for the massage and one for the warming function.

1. As a Neck Massager:

Place the device on your shoulders and hold the two loops at the front. Manually you can put it in the right position, turn on the start button and let it massage.

My tip: tie long hair into a high bun beforehand!

2. As a Back Massager:

Alternatively, the device can be placed around the lower back – but it must be said here that the model is relatively narrow.

3. On Other Parts Of The Body:

The electric massager can also be used on the thighs, calves or in the upper back area. Simply position the portable masseur in the appropriate place.

Test Result For The Neck Massager: My Personal Favourite!

We rethink the saying “You can’t buy happiness”, because this back and neck massager comes very close to the absolute feeling of happiness. In fact, it feels as if small, invisible hands are reaching into the neck, massaging with skilful movements and releasing all tension and pain with gentle grips.

The great thing is that the small rotating rollers of the portable neck massager are barely audible, so the user does not interfere with the workplace. There are also pluses for the chic design and comfort (the electric masseur is super light).

In short: Despite the initial difficulties, this model is not only the price-performance winner in the massage device comparison but my absolute favourite for a short break in the (home) office.

Note: The massage should be stopped after 15 minutes, similar to the foot massager, otherwise there is a risk of tension instead of relaxation.

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3. Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover From HoMedics

A device for massaging the entire body – that sounds almost too good to be true. But that is what the Homedics massage seat cover promises. Admittedly, the attachment does not initially have a luxury spa feeling (it looks a bit reminiscent of a car seat) and this model is the most expensive in the price comparison.

For this, it should relax almost the entire body with the comparatively highest number of massage heads – from the neck to the lower back with three massage programs (Shiatsu, roller massage and vibration massage).

The Advantages Of The Massage Pad At A Glance:

  • Adjustment to body size possible
  • As accessories are a removable headrest and a removable and washable backrest padding contain
  • Demo button that briefly demonstrates all functions
  • Shiatsu program: deep, circular kneading massage on the whole back, upper back or lower back
  • During the Shiatsu massage, the program can be set to a specific point
  • Roller massage program: up and down massage on the entire back or individually on the upper and lower back
  • Adjustment of the distance between the massage buttons for the roller massage possible
  • Vibration massage: legs and thighs are relaxed by vibration
  • Heat function

Shiatsu Back Massager: The Application

First, lay the support on an armchair or chair, it can be attached at the back. Then plug in the plug – like the other two models, the massage device does not have a rechargeable battery or battery operation, but all the more power. The electric massage is controlled via remote control – with different buttons and LED displays for the different programs.

Conclusion On The Shiatsu Seat Cover For The Neck, Shoulder and Back

Even in times when massage studios are open, this device is the practical and cheaper alternative to regular visits to professionals. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height and width, the model gets exactly where it needs to be. Brief instructions and remote control are easy to understand and the massage can start at the push of a button.

The massage experience? The device massages with firm pressure and gentle vibration impulses and thus ensures an intensive massage without feeling uncomfortable.

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