Tips To Help You Lose Weight Easily

Every child now knows how to keep a diet. But you can’t do without doing without, right? We’ll tell you tips and tricks on how you can lose pounds in everyday life.

Many women have had to stick to a strict diet once in their lives, because a few pounds less on their hips (if they are too much!) Is also good for their health. If only it weren’t for this stupid waiver of all the goodies! You always have to be careful that you can withstand the temptations that lurk everywhere, cook healthy and still manage to exercise after all the hard work. Dieting to lose weight always means sacrifice and effort. But does it have to be like that? No! We reveal 25 tips with which you can lose weight in everyday life without having to sacrifice too much.

Tips For Losing Weight: What To Look Out For

1. No Strict Juice or Powder Detox

Sounds strange, because wherever you go, a detox juice cure is advertised, but it doesn’t really make sense, according to nutritionists and experts. According to this, a too strict detox cure, in which nothing is consumed except juices or even mixed powder drinks for a long period of time, can even cause devastating damage to the body and is therefore more unhealthy than healthy. Anything that is supposed to make you happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger in seven days should be questioned. You also save your wallet if you keep your hands off such expensive cures. Detox in moderation as a natural detox cure, on the other hand, can certainly help the body to regenerate, but you should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle overall.

2. No Prohibitions

Anyone who has been on a diet knows that when certain foods are banned, you want to eat them all the more! If you then have a guilty conscience, you are more inclined to eat the whole chocolate straight away, because after a piece of the “forbidden fruit” it doesn’t matter anyway. A total ban on less healthy foods is therefore pointless and will sooner or later lead to a relapse. Better to enjoy here and there and still not lose sight of the goal.

3. Step By Step

Those who want to lose weight often change their diet from one day to the next and suddenly do without anything unhealthy. But that is exactly what often makes many fail! Experts therefore advise you to slowly change your eating habits step by step. First one meal, then the second, and so on. It is best to consider beforehand which meal change will have the greatest effect on the desired goal.

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4. Always Slowly

Exercise is just as important as diet in order to stay healthy, to get or lose weight. Anyone who undertakes to go to sport five times a week and give full power will quickly reach their limits. If you have never done sport before or want to start again after a long time, you should take it slowly and increase it step by step. Go to fitness two times a week, then three times after four weeks, and so on. And maybe not choose the power cycling course right away, but swing on the treadmill.

5. Only Eat Out For Special Occasions

If you cook yourself at home, you have control over how healthy or unhealthy the dish is. So if you want to lose weight, you should prepare a lot freshly yourself. Eating out is rather difficult because you never know which products are used and, above all, which unnecessary, unhealthy additives are included. So eating in a restaurant should definitely be an exception and reserved for special occasions – but this can be the weekend.

6. To-do List

Anyone who has a stressful everyday life tends to postpone the workout rather than doing it. It helps to create a to-do list that provides a precise overview of the daily workload and available time for a training session. Planning also helps to ultimately do what you set out to do.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Snacks

Those who work in the office feel the need to get up and take a short break from time to time. Many associate this with a snack. Just walk into the cafeteria, stretch your legs and get a chocolate bar. Even if you are not hungry at all! Taking a break is not a problem, but skip the snack if you are not really hungry. Get a coffee , chat with a colleague – that’s a short break too.

8. Healthy Snacks

During the day one often tends to snack here and there. Often you are not hungry at all but bored. Then a chocolate bar quickly lands in your mouth and the Haribo bag is open. Listen carefully to yourself. Are you hungry and can’t stand it? Or are you just bored because you have three more hours to work and nothing to do? If you absolutely cannot go without a snack , make sure to eat the right thing in between meals. A few tomatoes, a sugar-free granola bar, or an apple work wonders.

9. Water Instead Of Soft Drinks

Probably the easiest way to save calories is to ignore soft drinks and drink water. This is not only good for the scales, but also for the insulin level, which is no longer constantly being pushed up and which causes binge eating after the rapid drop. Anyone who is “addicted” to sweetened drinks (including sugar in coffee!) Should swap one for the other step by step. It doesn’t have to be three colas, but maybe just one.

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10. Weight Training

No question, no matter what sport is practiced, it is better than no sport. However, it is not fair that cardio training, which has been preached forever, always wins all its laurels, because strength training ensures muscle build-up, which in turn stimulates the metabolism and thus burns more calories. So instead of standing on the treadmill for three hours, it’s better to pick up dumbbells and do strength training.

11. Stairs Instead Of An Elevator

To go to the gym, you often have to motivate yourself. Small exercises are so obvious! Whether at home or in the office, just use the stairs instead of the elevator.

12. Look For Like-minded People And Role Models

Those who fight alone often give up more quickly. Because nobody sees it! So it is best to look for like-minded people with whom you want to lose weight, cook and motivate yourself. But a role model can also help! Why not just speak to a well-trained woman in the gym and ask if she can support you?

13. Correct Portion Sizes

Do you know what you ate today? Just! And that’s exactly the problem. Often you just eat too much without even realizing it or you underestimate the portion sizes . Weighing and keeping a diary helps a lot to get an overview of what you eat throughout the day.

14. New Sportswear

Those who treat themselves to new sports shoes or buy chic sports clothes are more motivated to do sports.

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15. Morning Routine

The start of the day has a significant impact on nutrition and fitness. So if you want a healthy lifestyle, you should make time in the morning for a healthy routine. It is best to get up 15 minutes earlier to have some tea in peace, meditate, stretch and breathe deeply. Those who are under stress often make the wrong decisions – especially when it comes to eating.

16. Drink Instead Of Eating

Everyone knows this feeling of being on the verge of starvation. Our brain often plays a trick on us when we are crazy about sugar. In addition, if you have n’t drunk enough water , you usually mistake hunger for thirst ! So if you think you are hungry, you should first drink a glass of water. If that doesn’t help and it’s been five hours or more since the last meal, you can safely eat something.

17. Smaller Plates

Psychology has a firm grip on us. The plate must always be full, otherwise we won’t be full. However, nobody said how big the plate should be. So if you want to trick yourself, you should always fill your portions on a small plate. Looks like a lot, but it’s definitely less

18. No Temptations

Let’s be honest: if you have fast food and sweets in your house, you will eat them at some point! The temptation is especially great when you come home hungry and want to eat something quickly. However, if one has to leave the house for sinful food first, one is more inclined to eat what is at home – ideally, healthy food. You just have to resist the temptation in the supermarket.

19. Strength Instead Of Weight

Those who set their goals on gained strength rather than weight loss will last longer! The Plank Challenge is ideal for this. Just start with one plank and do one more each day. You will notice physical changes quickly, if not on the scales.

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