Training And Nutrition Tips For Women

Fitness As The Basis & The Effect Of Diets

As a rule, women do not go to the gym to build huge muscle mountains. Typically, women exercise to lose weight, tone their bodies, and generally maintain good fitness. You surely know that in addition to training, you should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet if you want to reduce weight and shape a beautiful figure. Through the media, women are bombarded with tons of information about nutrition dream figures as well as the latest sports trends. Every year, women’s magazines shower you with a variety of different new and old diets: from lightning to cabbage soup diets. Maybe you have already tried one or the other diet and even successfully at first. If it weren’t for this infamous yo-yo effect and you were probably inevitably less satisfied after a few months than before. Many diets only have a short-term effect – if at all! Either they drain the body for a certain time or they are much too one-sided, which can even lead to muscle breakdown.

But if you have decided to exercise in a gym or do any sport regularly, then congratulations! This is the first important step for you to really achieve your goals permanently and to achieve health and well-being. Because only through physical activity will your muscles be strengthened and your condition built up – the basics for good physical fitness, a good figure and a healthy appearance.

Body Fat Reduction Through Exercise – Only Muscles Burn Fat

You should be just as keen as men to build muscle. Do not be afraid of the enormous muscle mass of bodybuilders who can only achieve such a body with the help of massive use of illegal hormone-increasing substances. Without doping substances, it is physiologically impossible for women to build up as many muscles because their natural testosterone level is significantly lower than that of men. So: don’t be afraid of muscle mountains that are too big – this fear is completely unfounded. Rather, a solid musculature and a low percentage of body fat ensure that the good figure in women that they usually strive for.

However, it is important that you train to build muscle. Training on cardio machines such as steppers, treadmills or indoor cycling is not enough. Training with equipment and weights is particularly important in order to give the muscles the necessary stimuli to grow. The long-term effect is particularly advantageous for you: lazy fat cells consume almost no energy at rest, but muscle cells do. The built-up muscles burn more fat. This is also the reason why men have less problems building up body fat: their natural proportion of muscles is higher than that of women. Only muscles burn fat!

To get closer to your goal, from now on, after a thorough introduction, train more intensively in the equipment pool of your fitness studio and also in the free weight area, which was previously reserved for men. Basically, women can train just like men, ie bench presses, shoulder raises, etc. This ensures that all muscle parts are trained. Exercises are good, but not enough to use all your muscles. Fewer muscle groups are addressed than with the classic basic exercises with free weights.

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Nutrition Tips

Women who want to improve their figure and lose pounds should pay attention to:

  • lower calorie intake than energy expenditure
  • a lower proportion of carbohydrates, at best a larger proportion of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index
  • high-quality fats: preferably omega-3 fatty acids from fish, linseed, rapeseed and walnut oil, walnuts and monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil
  • Avoiding saturated fat
  • a high protein content (preferably low-fat sources such as low-fat curd cheese, poultry, amino acids in liquid form, as capsules or as tablets, low-carb shakes, and bars )
  • high fluid intake, preferably mineral water; Herbal or fruit teas and fitness drinks with L-Carnitine )
  • high fiber content (preferably whole grains)
  • slow and conscious eating
  • Recommended dietary supplements for fat loss and tissue tightening: protein shakes, L-carnitine, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), low-carb proteins

Protein Makes You Beautiful

Protein, also called protein, is the most important building material in the human body and is therefore also called the building block of life. All cells contain protein, all enzymes, and some hormones consist of protein. Collagen, for example, is a protein found in the skin, cartilage, and tissue. Adequate intake of protein is a prerequisite for building muscle, ensures firm tissue, strengthens the immune system, and promotes concentration.

Training also plays an important role here, especially training with equipment and weights to build muscle mass. You heard that right: Build muscle mass because the muscles are the largest organ in the body and only muscles burn fat. The supply of protein plays an important role because only protein can also help build muscle and make the body a real fat-burning machine. This is also the reason why men lose weight more easily than women – their share of muscle mass is higher.

Protein is extremely important for building muscle because muscles only grow when they are trained and when they are supplied with protein. Muscles also play a significant role in burning fat. Mitochondria are the “fat-burning furnaces” of the cells. The number of mitochondria depends on the muscle mass, which is why it is so important that women not only train endurance cardio, but also weight training to build muscle mass and mitochondria and endurance training to burn fat in the mitochondria.

What Do We Need Protein For?

Women who want to improve their figure and lose pounds should pay attention to:

  • Connective tissue and muscles (maintenance or growth, regeneration after training and tissue tightening)
  • Enzymes (bio-catalysts, e.g. for fat loss and muscle toning)
  • Cartilage formation (joints, intervertebral discs)
  • Skin, hair, nails

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