What Are The Professional Jobs Available In Sports?

If you are passionate about sports and want to turn your hobby into a profession, you don’t necessarily have to become a professional athlete. With all its facets, the sports and fitness market has developed into an exciting field of work in recent years, with exciting and varied professional activities.

The sports and health market as a branch of the economy is also growing with sustained dynamism. It will continue to offer numerous jobs for motivated and well-trained specialists in the future.

There are promising career prospects for fitness and exercise fans in club sports and commercial leisure sports and industries such as tourism, health, school, retail or journalism. We want to introduce some of these jobs to you here.

  • Fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Masseuse or masseur
  • Nutritionist
  • Children’s relaxation trainer
  • Yoga trainer

Professions in the Sports Sector after Further Training

You can also pursue a career in sports and fitness without studying. Numerous further training courses and various options for specialization are open to you. In addition to your job, you can continue your education, for example, to start something new, finally learning your dream job, or building up another financial pillar.

The range of training courses in the sports and fitness area is extensive and ranges from trainer training to various advanced courses and specialization as a specialist trainer.

These offers are open to almost everyone, whether with a secondary school diploma or a technical college entrance qualification, at a young age or over the age of 50. Here you will find an overview of various training and further education opportunities in the areas of sport, fitness and nutrition:

The demand for well-trained fitness trainers has risen sharply in recent years, as more and more people use offers to keep themselves healthy and fit. The activity as a fitness trainer is characterized above all by the training area’s ability – a demanding and responsible occupation with a variety of tasks.

The fitness trainer supports and accompanies those interested in sports in their training, from fitness beginners to professional athletes.

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The tasks of the personal trainer extend far beyond what is offered in the gym. Personal trainers operate holistic health management that also considers the lifestyle and everyday habits of the customers. Whether in the gym, in the great outdoors or the office, the personal trainer helps achieve his clients’ individual fitness goals.

The wellness area is also growing steadily, among other things due to the demand for massages, beauty and body care applications, and stress management and relaxation methods. Masseurs and sports masseurs wear z. B. significantly contributes to increasing physical and mental well-being and associated customer satisfaction.

Sport and nutrition are two inextricably linked areas. Nutritionists show their customers how they can maintain or increase their well-being and performance through a balanced diet and physical activity. The spectrum of activities of a nutritionist ranges from individual nutritional advice to workshops and cooking courses.

As a relaxation trainer, you can meet people’s need for relaxation and recovery in appropriate courses with relevant offers. Here he offers Autogenous training and progressive muscle relaxation too. More and more people who suffer from stress have taken part in suitable training measures in recent years.

But relaxation techniques and exercises can also be carried out for children at an early age. The children’s relaxation trainer teaches child-friendly techniques to protect against unhealthy stress.

Yoga trainers teach their students the correct yoga technique in several teaching units. Through breathing exercises and unique postures, more conscious perception of the body and relaxation is achieved. Yoga classes are one of the most popular health services and offer the yoga trainer a steady income.

Further professional opportunities are offered by specialist training and additional specializations. Whether Nordic walking, fascia training, functional training, indoor cycling or spinal gymnastics or the acquisition of knowledge in the field of kinesiological taping – the fitness and health sector offers a wide range of professional qualifications that you can also acquire part-time.

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Occupations in the Sports Sector after Dual Training

Of course, jobs without a degree also offer you numerous opportunities to realize yourself and earn good money. The following professions require school-based or dual training, which usually lasts three years and ends with a recognized qualification. There are many alternatives in the areas of health, medicine, sport and business.

  • Sport and fitness merchant
  • Sports professional
  • Sports assistant
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports and event management assistant
  • Commercial assistant with a focus on sports administration

The sports and fitness clerk has a varied job that includes sporting activities and customer advice and various administrative and organizational tasks. Well, thought-out process organization and customer-oriented planning are essential for smooth sports operations.

The sports specialist creates training and nutrition plans for customers, organizes training and competition activities and takes care of administrative tasks and calculations. The work environment is very diverse, sometimes an assignment in the office, possibly accompanying an athlete to work on sports equipment.

Sports assistants work in clubs and associations in the sports sector, in companies in the leisure and fitness industry, in municipal sports and sports facility management or tourist facilities. You will take on tasks in management, training and course management, and organization and administration.

  • Physiotherapists treat patients who suffer from physical limitations and discomfort due to accident, disability, age or pain. You will work with the attending physician, who will prescribe physical therapy for the patient.

Sports and event management assistants plan and organize sports-related events at home and abroad. Customers for various events, such as international competitions or marketing events, are clubs, associations, sports facilities or sporting goods manufacturers.

Commercial assistants are focusing on sports administration dealing with marketing, public relations, advertising and sponsoring. They advise and support sports clubs, organize sports events and school sports competitions. To do this, they develop concepts or create event plans.

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Academic Professions with Sports after Studying Sports

For many, sport is an integral part of life, and the path to professional life begins with academic education. The following career options are as diverse as a sport in general. In the following, we describe some courses of study that offer good career opportunities in the sports industry

  • Sports science
  • Sports economist
  • Sport for teaching
  • Sports management
  • Sports journalism
  • Sports tourism and recreation

The field of activity of sports scientists ranges from school sports to professional sports. On the one hand, they convey joy in movement and the right sporting techniques, but they can also take on professional sport management tasks. In addition to their work as trainers, sports scientists also work in clinics and rehabilitation centres.

A lucrative field of employment opens up for the sports economist. He deals with particular economic questions and problems that arise in connection with sports products or sports services. In addition to research and politics tasks, sports economists mainly work in companies that offer sports products or services.

  • The sports teacher is a competent contact person for questions relating to children and young people’s physical development and fitness. Different types of schools open up several options for him, e.g. B. Sports teachers for high schools, comprehensive schools, elementary schools, vocational schools or special schools. The spectrum of activities ranges from compulsory ball sports to athletics and swimming to the latest trend sports.

Sports managers operate at the interface between sports and classic corporate management. The sports manager ensures that companies, events or projects are functioning correctly. He plans, organizes and monitors business activities in the field of sports and sports marketing.

Always in the middle of the world of sport – the sports journalist.

In addition to a lot of sports knowledge, he also imparts sound theoretical knowledge. He researches and publishes developments, connections and facts on the subject of sport. Knowledge of sports markets and branches, club work, and topic-related marketing and management strategies are part of his area of ​​responsibility.

Sports tourism managers take on management and particular marketing tasks in the tourism environment. You will recognize trends and develop market-driven concepts for tour operators, destinations and other companies in the leisure industry.

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To sum up, many professions are directly or indirectly related to sport. In this way, you can combine your fitness passion or hobby with professional activity in various ways. Many professions in the areas of sport, fitness and health are also suitable for self-employment. Depending on how you set your goals, you are free to choose which career path you choose.

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