What Can Be Cleaned At Home With Coarse Salt

Eliminates even the most stubborn stains. Excellent for floors, to dehumidify, fight mould and eliminate bad smells

Even just a handful may be enough. Salt is a powerful natural remedy for much of household cleaning. Excellent for floors, it absorbs any liquid and thus eliminates even the most stubborn stains. But you can also use it to dehumidify, fight mold and eliminate foul odors. Often you have to combine it with vinegar or lemon.

How To Use The Salt For Household Cleaning

From the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, salt, especially the coarse one, proves to be an excellent ally for household cleaning, effective and economical. It can be used alone or, even better, mixed with natural ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

What Can You Do With Coarse Salt?

Coarse salt is the most suitable for household cleaning, and its uses are innumerable.

  • Helps whiten laundry when mixed with lemon water.
  • Poured in cold water with a bit of white vinegar, it revives the colors of the clothes.
  • Helps to dehumidify the rooms.
  • Eliminate the fishy smell from your hands, add it to some vinegar and wash them with the mixture. Or, along with baking soda, it can be poured in small amounts into smelly shoes.
  • A salt and lemon mix helps remove any encrustations from the iron plate.
  • Coarse salt mixed with vinegar or baking soda is invaluable for cleaning floors.
  • Coarse salt also helps remove tomato stains.
  • It helps to keep the mocha clean and to remove limescale from the filters and the tank, mix it with water and vinegar, inserting the mixture into the mocha tank, which must be put on the fire until the water rises. The mocha must then be disassembled and rinsed with fresh water. Finally, the various pieces that compose it can be boiled in water with vinegar and salt.
  • Since it has absorbent power, it helps remove stains from clothes. A mixture of salt and lemon juice is sufficient for cotton clothes, which should be left on the stain for about an hour before washing the garment.

Salt To Clean The Floors

The coarse salt is also helpful for cleaning floors, except for those of marble. Just mix a handful with a few tablespoons of vinegar and pour it all into the water used to clean the floor.

By adding a little baking soda too, the effect will be enhanced.

Salt To Eliminate Lime

To prevent the formation of limescale in the washing machine, it is possible to use a mixture based on salt and bicarbonate, which must be added to the detergent.

Instead, if you want to remove the limescale from the sink, sprinkle some lemon juice and pour salt over it. Then gently scrub the area and rinse it well.

Salt To Dehumidify And Deodorant

If you want to dehumidify your home using the properties of salt, you need coarse salt and a plastic bottle. Put 180 grams of salt inside, close the bottle and place it in the fridge for a whole night. Remove the top of the bottle with the help of scissors and place it in the room to be dehumidified. It works within a few days.

Otherwise, you can make holes in a plastic container, for example, an ice cream tub, insert 100 g of coarse salt in an organza bag closed by a string, and place it on top of the container. The salt will attract moisture by getting wetter and wetter, causing the water to collect in the tub.

Salt To Clean The Oven

Coarse salt, soda, bicarbonate and water are valuable for cleaning the oven.

  • Pour half a cup of salt, half a cup of soda, 500 grams of baking soda and a quarter cup of water into a bowl, mix and turn on the oven to 120 degrees, letting it heat for about fifteen minutes.
  • Turn off, open the door, spread the dough on the oven walls with the help of a cloth and let it act for at least 20 minutes.
  • Finally, sprinkle a mixture of ¾ cup of white wine vinegar, 10 drops of thyme essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil on the walls.
  • Clean and rinse.

What Corrodes The Salt

Although salt is precious in house cleaning, you must not forget that it has corrosive power and, therefore, if misused, it could damage floors, tiles, ceramics, and concrete. This is why it is best to mix it with other natural ingredients depending on the type of use for which it is intended.

What Happens With Salt In A Corner Of The House?

It was once said that coarse salt placed in the corner of the house was able to ward off negative energies. Still, regardless of superstitions, it helps absorb humidity and bad smells. Even better if, in the container, you pour a spoonful of baking soda.

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