What Helps With Weather Sensitivity? The Best Tricks Against Headaches & Co.

Sometimes it’s really because of the weather when we don’t feel comfortable: weather sensitivity is a scientifically proven phenomenon. Experts know tricks with which you can prevent it.

Headaches, poor sleep, dizziness, and general fatigue: These symptoms can be triggered by the weather. Many people describe themselves as weather-sensitive – and that’s not imagination.

“It has been proven that weather sensitivity exists,” emphasizes Prof. Angela Schuh, head of the Department of Medical Climatology, Health Resort Medicine and Prevention at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

“Almost half of the population suffers from it.”

When The Organism Reacts To The Weather

But not everyone who feels the effects of the weather in their body is necessarily sensitive to the temperature.

“We divide people into different groups,” explains Prof. Andreas Matzarakis, who works as scientific director of the Center for Medical Meteorological Research of the German Weather Service (DWD) in Freiburg.

He explains: “We are all weather-reactive. When the sun shines, we’re happy. If it rains three days in a row, it affects the mood.”

In the case of weather-sensitive people, however, it is their mood that reacts to changes in the weather and their organism.

“If, for example, a low-pressure area follows a high-pressure area, this becomes an increased challenge for the body,” says the bio meteorologist.

The third group – in addition to weather-reactive and weather-sensitive people – are weather-sensitive people: “They show extreme symptoms, for example, their knee hurts or they have difficulty breathing,” says Matzarakis.

In these cases, the weather is not the cause of the problems but intensifies them. “Weather-sensitive people usually have a long history of illness.”

How To Prevent Weather Sensitivity

Weather sensitivity does not have to be a chronic disease. However, various conditions make people susceptible to it: “The body’s physical condition is partly responsible for weather sensitivity,”

“A lack of endurance training has a negative effect, but at the same time, people who are overtrained are susceptible,” says the expert.

Light, moderate endurance training works best for prevention. It is best not to dress too warmly.

A so-called thermoregulatory training deficiency also leads to weather sensitivity. “We can also train this system,”

“For example, with Kneipp treatments, hot/cold showers or visits to the sauna – always in consultation with a doctor.”

Diet and sleeping habits are other factors: “Anyone who wants to train away weather sensitivity should generally lead a healthy life,” says the expert. “This also includes paying attention to your internal clock and getting enough sleep.”

High-Pressure Areas Rarely Cause Problems

Above all, a change in the weather can throw people sensitive to the temperature out of balance. In addition to dizziness or headaches, it can also lead to an irritable mood, difficulty concentrating, and nervousness.

“Most symptoms of weather sensitivity appear in low-pressure areas,” says Andreas Matzarakis. High-pressure areas usually cause the fewest complaints – unless they bring intense heat in summer.

What is often forgotten when it comes to this topic from Matzarakis’ point of view: The weather can have not only harmful but also positive effects on health: “Rheumatic complaints or cardiovascular problems can be alleviated.”

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