What Is Behind The Saltwater Cleanse Weight-Loss Trend?

A glass of salt water is supposed to purify the intestines and thus shed pounds: However, this carries risks because the home remedy is not entirely harmless. This detox method is that useful.

The body needs salt to survive – most people realize that. Is the natural substance that you get in every supermarket automatically safe for weight loss?

A Saltwater Cleanse promises the dream figure. We take a close look at the detox method.

The Extra Dose Of Salt In The Body

Anyone who intentionally supplies their body with salt water does not want to quench their thirst. On the contrary, we know it from salty food: it fuels hunger because our body is deprived of liquid.

However, the Saltwater Cleanse involves drinking salty water on purpose. This is said to flush toxins, parasites and germs out of the digestive tract by having a laxative effect.

This effect should help lose weight and bring the body back into balance.

This Is How A Saltwater Cleanse Works

A glass of water with dissolved sea salt is a simple recipe for weight loss.

Drinking it right after getting up is supposed to detoxify the intestines before refilling them with the first meal of the day. As a result, proponents of this detox method promise to lose weight quickly and sustainably.

Not Without A Doctor: Salt Cure With Health Risks

However, the process is not risk-free: after all, healthy intestinal bacteria that our immune system needs are flushed out of the body by saltwater.

From a health point of view, a different detox cure is unnecessary since the body’s detoxification processes do their work without you having to do anything.

So is a saltwater cure complete nonsense? Not necessarily. In the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, for example, saltwater has long been used as colonic irrigation.

However, suppose such an operation becomes necessary from a medical point of view in this country. In that case, it should be accompanied by a doctor and not undertaken by laypersons on their own.

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